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How to make screenshot of Samsung Galaxy S10 (4 ways)

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screenshot of the Samsung Galaxy S10

The screenshot of the Samsung Galaxy S10 and other Android phones, is one of the most common actions we all do with our smartphones. But depending on the mobile model we have, the process can vary significantly. Therefore, if you have a new Samsung Galaxy S10 You may be a little clueless.

Therefore, in this post we will show you the four different methods that you can follow to make a capture from your S10, all of them quite simple.

4 Ways to take a screenshot of the Samsung Galaxy S10

Capture the screen of the Galaxy S10 using the mobile buttons

The most common way to make a screenshot with any smartphone, is through the buttons. Simply, when you are on the screen you want to capture, you will have to press the buttons on and volume down at the same time. In a matter of seconds you will have your capture.

This method is usually similar in all smartphone models. Therefore, even if you have a different smartphone, you can use it equally.

capture screen of Galaxy S10

Samsung Galaxy S10 screenshot through gestures

The Samsung Galaxy S10 has a function that allows you to take a screenshot by passing the palm of your hand over the device. To activate it in this mobile phone, you will have to go to:

  1. Setting
  2. Advanced features
  3. Motions and gestures
  4. And activate the option Swipe hand to capture.

From there you will simply have to go to the screen you want to capture. Put the palm of your hand on it and go sliding it little by little. In a matter of seconds you will have a screenshot of the screen you have passed through, in a very comfortable and simple way.

In the following video on how to make a screenshot of the Samsung Galaxy S7 we explain it:

Screen capture using the Bixby wizard

Bixby is Samsung’s own voice assistant. It allows you to give voice commands to your smartphone and ask it to do what you want without touching the screen.

Of course, one of the options available to you is to take a screenshot. To do this you just have to press the Bixby button and say the phrase «Take a screenshot». In a matter of seconds you will have the image with the capture on your device.

But if you don’t want to touch the screen at all, you also have the option to say the phrase Hey, Bixby. Thus, the assistant will be activated only to help you do what you need. Therefore, having an image with what appears on your screen at that time is quite simple.

screenshot with the bixby wizard

Make screenshot with Google Assistant

If you prefer, you can make your capture using the Google assistant instead of Bixby. To do this, you just have to pronounce the phrase OK, Google or press the start key. Then, tell the assistant that you want to take a screenshot of the Samsung Galaxy S10 and almost instantly you will have it at your disposal.

Which of these options do you find most comfortable? You can share your impressions with us in the comments section, which you will find below.