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How to log out of Gmail, on Android and Computer?

log out of Gmail

How to log out of Gmail, on Android and Computer? This is important if you are not on your personal computer or use your Gmail account on a mobile or tablet, for a few hours.

If you have finished using your account Gmail, you may want to log out.

The process to exit Gmail is quite simple, but it depends on whether you want to do it from your computer or from an Android device. Next, we tell you how to do it, easy and fast, in each of its variants.

How to log out of Gmail from Android and Computer

Exit Gmail from Android

To log out of Gmail from your mobile or tablet, we will have to remove the entire Google account from the phone or tablet, which can be a bit cumbersome in principle.

And it is that when leaving Gmail, from an account, you will be logged out not only in the email app, but also in all other Google Play Store, Maps or Gmail applications.

If you still want to remove it, for example to give your mobile or tablet to another person. Or also because you used it for a few hours on another device. You just have to follow some steps that are quite simple:

  1. Open the Gmail application on your Android device.
  2. In the upper right corner, click on your profile picture.
  3. Among the options you find, select Manage accounts on this device.
  4. Choose your account.
  5. At the bottom, click on Remove account.

log out of Gmail

Check Gmail with another account

In case you want to check your email with another account, you will not need to delete the original. You will simply have to follow these steps:

  1. Open the Gmail application on device.
  2. In the upper right, click on profile picture.
  3. Choose the option Add another account.
  4. Select the type of account you want to add.
    • If what you want to use is an email from your Windows account, select Outlook, Hotmail and Live.
    • If you belong to another mail service, select Other.
  5. Follow the prompts you will see to add your account.
  6. Touch the account you want to check.

Log out of Gmail from Windows

If you want to log out from your Windows PC, the first step will be to open the Gmail website. Next you will have to go to your profile picture, which you will find in the upper right corner. Once you have clicked on it, in the menu you will find you will see an option called Logout. You will simply have to click on it and in a matter of seconds you will see how the session you had started is closed.

If you want to close an open session on another PC, instead of the Close session option you must choose Close all other open sessions on the web.

If you use a computer shared with other people, we strongly recommend that you get used to always logging out before others can use it. This is something everyone should know who uses their gmail account on different devices, but many do not know. And it is a total risk to leave the Gmail session open on computers or mobiles, for reasons we all know.

Have you ever needed to log out of Gmail? Leave your comment below.