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How to install WhatsApp on a TV with Android TV

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WhatsApp It is without a doubt the most popular Android application. Virtually everyone who has an Android mobile uses it on their smartphone. And there are also many who use the messaging tool from PC or tablet.

But what if you wanted to use this application from your TV? It is something that may not seem very practical, but that may be useful in certain circumstances. And it is possible to do it whenever you have a device with Android TV. AND

yes, it is necessary to know the installation process, which is a bit tricky.

WhatsApp on TV? it’s possible

A not so simple process

Android TV is a device that allows you to have Android applications on your TV. This is especially practical in apps to watch videos or games.

However, keep in mind that, in principle, not all Android apps are available. The version of the Google Play Store for Android TV is much more limited than the one we can find for our smartphone.

Therefore, there are many applications that are not, and WhatsApp is one of them. Thus, the process to install the messaging app is complicated a little more than we would like.

Of course, what we can do is install any APK. This will allow us to use on our Android TV any application that is not in its official store.

Keep in mind that these applications are not usually optimized to be used on a television. But we can always try to see how it works for us. And WhatsApp specifically has been tested with reasonably good results.

Steps to install WhatsApp on your TV

To do this, you will have to install Android TV File Commander and Sideload Launcher. You will also have to download the app apk from APK Mirror.

You can download the apk on any other device and take it to your TV using Google Drive. Then open it using Sideload Launcher. At this time you will have to perform the entire process of logging in with your account, just like when you change your mobile.

Once you’ve opened it, WhatsApp will work smoothly on your TV. We recommend that you use a keyboard Bluetooth To make it more comfortable for you to write.

Keep in mind that WhatsApp only allows you to have the active account on the same device. Therefore, when you log in to the TV you will stop having it active on your mobile. If you want to have the option of using your account on both sites, the only way to do it is using WhatsApp Web.

If you have done this process, you can tell us your experiences about it in the comments section that you can find at the bottom of the page.

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