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▷ How to get diamonds in Free Fire (for weapons and items) ?

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Diamonds in Free Fire

Do you need to get diamonds in Free Fire? FreeFire It is one of the most outstanding games of Battle Royale for Android, which has more than 100 million downloads. An action game recreated on an island with weapons and vehicles, where up to 50 players can participate. Your games do not last more than 10 minutes.

It presents simple controls and graphics that ensure a great experience to play on the mobile. Free Fire is one of the Google Play games most famous among Android users. Thanks to the short time of his games, he has stood out among other games in the same category, since he is fast and frantic.

You still haven’t played and you meet the requirements to play Free Fire? Let’s see how to earn diamonds in Free Fire and have the best weapons and improvements.

How to get diamonds in Free Fire, for weapons and items

But players not only have in mind to be the victors in battles, they also want to have the best weapons and the best appearance. To buy those weapons and upgrades, you need diamonds, gold or pay them with real money. Luckily there are several methods with which you can earn diamonds in Free Fire, which we will talk about later in this post.

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Free Fire, gifted diamonds from friends

On certain special dates, other players are allowed to give gifts in the waiting part of the game.

Free Fire diamonds given by friends

When you play as a team or in a duo, you can ask a friend to give you diamonds. So you accumulate with each game, a certain amount of diamonds.

Complete the challenges of Free Fire, to get more diamonds

With just playing and completing games, you will win a quantity of gold. That’s why with just participating you receive a reward. You can also perform daily tasks that appear in the calendar located on the right side of the main menu.

Usually, these tasks consist of playing for certain minutes, finishing in high positions, obtaining a specific amount of eliminations, etc.

get more diamonds in Free Fire

With each challenge you will receive explosive medals that are used for the Fire Pass. On this site you can unlock items to get medals. There is the Elite Pass, with which you get more rewards. But that it is only possible to unlock it with real money.

Earn diamonds in FreeFire, participating in the Gold Royale

With the famous normal vouchers or spending gold, you can participate in the Gold Royale. By using only vouchers in the first two spins, you can only get 100 gold coins as a reward. You will only have to press on the red bags on the right to claim them.

Earn diamonds on FreeFire

There is also the Lucky Draw that comes out on some occasions and it is a prize that the game gives at random. You must choose between three cards, to get a reward, without doing much. Some of the awards include diamonds, gold, memory and other items.

Awards for each season of Free Fire

As you play in Free Fire and get ranked mode, you can receive rewards at the end of each season. With this classification you can receive 1000 gold coins. But the more league increases, the better the rewards you will receive. You must be attentive to your email because these awards expire after a month.

Awards for each season of Free Fire

We recommend that you be careful with the pages or applications that promise codes to get free diamonds for Free Fire. Many are really only malicious programs that when installed, seek to cause damage to your device or obtain your personal data to sell them to third parties.

And you, what methods do you use to get diamonds in Free Fire and earn more for weapons and items? Leave a comment below.