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How to format a Samsung Galaxy J2? factory reset HARD RESET and SOFT RESET

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format a Samsung Galaxy J2

Are you looking for how to format the Samsung Galaxy J2? Having problems with this Android mobile phone? Either due to camera failure, the screen is frozen, it has been blocked or other problems. The recommended may be factory reset, in order to solve our problems and get rid of these failures.

The Samsung Galaxy J2, has the Android operating system, known as Marshmallow. We can find some problems in the operation of our mobile, after a period of use. That is why today we will emphasize a complete guide, to be able to restart or restore our Samsung Galaxy J2 factory mode.

? How to format a Samsung Galaxy J2, reset, Hard Reset and Soft Reset

Always remember to make a Hard reset, It implies losing all our information. Our device will look like new. That is why it is recommended, take appropriate measures to this. If we don’t want to lose all the data, contacts, photos etc. The best and most convenient thing is that we make a backup copy before performing the process.

? Format Samsung J2 using buttons, recovery menu

  1. The first thing we should do is turn off our mobile device and wait 10-15 seconds.
  2. In the next step we press the buttons: Volume up + Start + power keyboard at the same time, for a few seconds.
  3. After three seconds, we release and see an Android recovery screen.
  4. Press the volume up button to activate the recovery menu.
  5. After that we select the recovery menu (Recovery) Clear data / Factory reset. For this we use the volume up button to move and the power button to confirm.
  6. We choose ‘’ Yes – delete user data ’’ to confirm the entire operation.
  7. Then we select the option of ‘’ reboot system now ’’.
  8. And ready, we will have completed the Hard Reset of the Samsung Galaxy J2.

reset Samsung Galaxy J2

hard reset Samsung Galaxy J2

reset Samsung Galaxy J2

? Reset Samsung Galaxy J2 through the Settings menu

The settings menu, we access normally, with the mobile on. This method is a bit simpler:

  1. We will go to settings.
  2. Then we enter ‘’ Back up and reset ’’.
  3. Then we select ‘’ Factory Reset ’’.
  4. Then click on reset the Samsung J2.
  5. Finally we press delete everything.

? How to do Soft Reset or restart Samsung Galaxu J2, forced restart

If the screen stays frozen or does not let us do anything on the mobile, we can do a forced restart. We will do it by pressing and holding the power button. Between 5 and 10 seconds pressing, we will wait until it restarts. No data is lost with this method.

As we see, reset the Samsung Galaxy J2 It’s nothing from the other world. If we implement the steps already taken, and so we will have the solution of many problems. Without any complications, we already have in our hands, the necessary information to format J2 if necessary.

Now that you know how to format the Samsung Galaxy J2. Leave a comment with your experience with this Samsung phone.