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How to FORMAT a Nokia 6.1, reset to factory mode (HARD RESET)

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How to FORMAT a Nokia 6.1

¿Do you need to format a Nokia 6.1? Are you going to sell it or give it away and want to clean your data? The solution is to format or reset to factory mode.

There are two ways to do it, that we are going to show you so that you can have your mobile phone like when you took it out of the box, in a few minutes.

One way is to format the Nokia 6.1 using the Settings menu. The other way is through buttons and the Recovery menu.

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Format Nokia 6.1 at factory mode


In the event that your smartphone works correctly to reach at least the Settings menu, this will probably be the easiest way to do it.

It is important that you keep in mind that you will lose all the information, so we recommend that you make a backup copy first. Once you’re ready, enter Settings> Personal> Backup> Reset to factory settings.

Once you have pressed this button, it will ask for confirmation informing you that you will lose all your data. You may also be asked for the unlock pattern.

When you’ve done it, it will start formatting the Nokia 6.1. After a few minutes, it will restart and you will see that it is exactly the same as when you took it out of the box. You will have to do the first configuration, connect to the Wi-Fi network, add Google account, etc.

Format using Recovery menu

In case you are not able to reach the Settings menu, there is a way to format your Nokia 6.1. You simply have to do it with buttons.

To get started, make sure your Nokia 6.1 is turned off. Then press the power and volume up buttons at the same time. You will have to keep them pressed until you see that the Nokia logo appears on the screen. At that time, release both buttons at the same time.

In the menu that appears, go to Recovery Mode. To do this you will have to move through the volume keys and use the power button to confirm.

Once inside the Recovery menu, go to wipe cache / data partition. In this way, you will make sure to eliminate all the data that could give you problems.

When you return to the previous screen, choose this time the wipe data / factory reset option. In the screen that appears next, you will have to choose the Yes option. From there, your Nokia 6.1 will take a few minutes to reset to factory mode, to be the same as when you took it out of the box.

Once you have finished the process, you will return to the first screen. At that time you will have to select Reboot System Now. When you have done so, your phone will start formatting. Once you turn it on again, you can see how it looks like when you bought it.

Have you had to format the Nokia 6.1 and return it to factory mode? Which of the two modes explained have you used for this? A little further down you can find our comments section, where you can share with other users, your experience in carrying out this process.