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How to fix Google Play Services are updating

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Google Play Services are updating

Do you want to know how to solve Google Play Services are updating ?. Google Play Services It is a Google application. And it is responsible for making updates, both system and apps work correctly. This is broadly.

To many Android users, it shows a common error in Chinese mobiles. The message appears constantly Google Play Services are updating. But the problem is not just the appearance of the message. But the fact that some applications stop working correctly. Also that installed applications, can not be updated.

We show you how to solve Google Play Services are updating. We solve it so as not to have major problems.

How to fix Google Play Services are updating

Why it’s important for Google Services to work properly

One of the big problems of Android It is diversification and fragmentation. Both in versions of the operating system, as in layers of customization of each brand. Therefore, a common element was necessary that made, whatever the version, everything worked perfectly.

Google Play Services are updating

To do this, Google Play Services was created. This is an app that ensures that all updates to the operating system and the applications included in it are correct. So that the operation of your Android device is the most appropriate.

Therefore, if this application has any problem there may be failures throughout the system. So it is necessary to try to find a solution.

Google Play Services are updating

Resolve Google Play Services update problem

To solve the problem of GooglePlay Services are updating, we will perform the following procedure:

  1. Go to Settings and then to “Application Manager«.
  2. Click on “All«Or»Everything“, Depending on your version of Android
  3. Search Google Play Store , click on “Clear cache» Y «Delete data«.
  4. Now go back to the previous point and look for “Google Play services«, Click on»Clear cache«, Then click on»ADMIN. STORE«And click on»Delete all data«.
  5. Go back again and search for “Google services framework«. Click on “Force Detention«, Then to»Clear cache«. And finally to “Delete data«.
  6. Reboot your smartphone

how to fix Google Play Services are updating

Don’t abuse clear cache

As you can see in the previous procedure, the solution to most of the problems that we can find with GooglePlay Services is to clear the cache. But we should only do it when we find some error of this kind. But never, just to free up storage.

The reason is that, although clearing cache is not necessarily bad in itself, it can make the performance of your smartphone less and even consume more data. Keep in mind that what the cache is to save items so you don’t have to load them over and over again. So it is logical that if you do not have it, performance suffers.

This Android app comes preinstalled on most phones. If yours doesn’t have it, then you can download it from the Play store:

Now that you know how to fix Google Play Services are updating. Have you ever had this error? How have you managed to solve it? We invite you to go through the comments section. You can find it at the bottom of this article and tell us your experience.