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How to export a WhatsApp conversation


Whatsapp It is without a doubt the star instant messaging application. And as we talk many things through it, it is quite normal that you ever want to keep a specific talk.

For this you have a very interesting option, and it is to export a conversation in text format. It is a very simple option and not very hidden, but little known.

We will teach you step by step how to do it.

Export your WhatsApp conversations

Differences between export and save backup

You probably know that it is possible to save a backup copy of your conversations in Google Drive. This option is what allows, when we change phones, old conversations are not lost.

But in this case we can only keep them and re-open them from the app. If what we want is to have the conversation in the form of text, which we can even edit, it is not what we are looking for.

However, less known is the Export Chat option. This option allows us to obtain a text document in which the whole conversation will appear.

And, if we wish, we can also obtain in different files all the multimedia elements that we have sent in said WhatsApp conversation. It is a less “pretty” option than usual, but it can be opened from virtually any multimedia device.

Steps to export WhatsApp conversations

In order to save a copy of a specific conversation we have to enter the chat We want to export, and follow these steps:

  • Click on the options icon, that is, the three points that we find in the upper right corner.
  • We choose More.
  • Click on Export chat.
  • We select whether or not we want to save multimedia files.
  • We select the application to which we want to send them.

What will we find after exporting

When we have exported the WhatsApp conversation, we will find a text file in which the entire conversation will appear. You can open this file with any program or application that allows you to open files in txt format. Even if you want, you can edit it whenever you want.

Of course, this text format does not allow you to enter multimedia files. Therefore, they will not appear in the file itself. But, if in the steps selected above you have decided to export them, you will have all those photos and videos that have been sent to you by WhatsApp in different files.

What you will see in the text file is the name of the files that have been sent to you, so that you can easily know where each one fits.

It is not the most “aesthetic” way of saving your WhatsApp conversations, but the most practical if you want to be able to open them with a different application.