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How to download Play Store free for Android mobile

download Play Store for free

Are you looking for the way to Download Play Store free for your Android mobile? Most mobile phones currently come with the application of the Google Play of fabric. This is because they have the Google operating system. However, there are devices (mostly Chinese) that do not have the app store installed.

One of the reasons, is because the manufacturer has its own store as in the case with Meizu products or Amazon Kindle. The company prefers to place the Chinese or Amazon app store, rather than the Google store for users to get used to it.

Why is the Android Store not installed on the Play Store?

There are some Xiaomi phones that do not have the Google store, and you have to flash them to a International ROM. Of course, that also depends on the mobile you buy and the region in which you do it.

On the other hand, if you have a custom ROM, you may not have the Play Store installed, since it almost always has to be downloaded separately. Usually, most Android phones already bring the Google app store.

Another thing that can happen is that the Play Store have pending download or that the version is very outdated. There you will have to update it manually or download Google Play again. Today we are going to show you how you can do it from several trusted websites.

download Google Play Store for free

Where to download Play Store free for Android mobile

Next we will give you a few simple steps. You must take them into account to download and install the Google store at Uptodown or Apk Mirror.

Both options are very reliable, have the latest version and should be virus free.

  • The first thing you should do is activate the “Unknown origins“Found in the”Security” in “Settings” of the telephone.
  • Now you have to access Uptodown or Apk Mirror to choose the APK of the Google Play Store that is most current (the latest).
  • Once you have downloaded it to your mobile device, we have to proceed to start it and run it.
  • The store for its part will be updated to the latest version that is available and will do so automatically.

We recommend that you do not download the Play Store APK application from other sites or alternatives to these. This is because they could be infected with viruses and malware. And usually, they could not run correctly on the device because it is not authorized by Google.

If in the process of downloading Play Store for free and installing or any other APK, you think your phone has infected you, here are the best Android Antivirus 2019.

where to download Google Play Store for free

On the other hand, always remember to check the phones you buy, to make sure they do have the store. This way you won’t have to download Google Play Store APK and with the international firmware version.

It may seem silly to you, but it is very important to have the Play store, since there are updated all the applications that we have downloaded on the mobile. It will be “automatic” and we can download games, books, music, films and more.

We would like to know if this post has served you, which of the two websites of apps you have preferred to download Play Store for free 2019 and why you did not have the Google Play on your mobile.

Remember that it is an excellent idea to warn other users with a comment.