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How to disable Messenger? completely on your Android mobile

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disable messenger

Do you need to know how to disable Messenger, the Facebook messaging app? Although we have unsubscribed from Facebook, not all services associated with the social network are deactivated.

In fact, if you have the app of Facebook Messenger You still have the possibility to use it without problems. But if you also want to disable Facebook Messenger, we show you the steps you must follow.

How to deactivate Facebook Messenger? steps to disable your account

Isn’t it enough to unsubscribe from Facebook?

Although Facebook Messenger began as a chat service within the social network itself, the truth is that it has a independent development. In fact, we can even connect it with our phone number, to receive the SMS through this application. And, therefore, to be able to permanently unsubscribe from Messenger, you must do it in both services independently.

The first step you can do will be to unsubscribe your Facebook profile. But that will not be enough for other users to stop contacting you through the chat service. Therefore you can skip it if you want to continue in the net social networks.

disable facebook messenger

The Messenger app, essential element

It is important that you keep in mind that to deactivate the messaging service, you must have the Messenger app on your mobile, which you can download at the following link:

Steps to disable Messenger

The steps you must follow to disable Messenger and that nobody can send you messages to your profile again, they are very simple, and we explain them below:

  1. Open the Facebook Messenger application from your smartphone.
  2. Click on your profile picture, which will be the same as you had active on Facebook. At that time you can see a menu with all the options available to make changes to your account. It also includes the possibility of deactivating it at the time you want it.
  3. In this menu, we will find a section called Conditions and services. We will have to click on it to access all the options.
  4. In the event that we have previously unsubscribed from Facebook, we will have to click on the option Disable Messenger that will appear last.
  5. Although the account has already been deactivated, as a last point we recommend deleting the app from your smartphone, since you can no longer use it.

Will my conversations disappear?

Keep in mind that even if we have deleted our profile, the conversations we have had with other users will not be deleted. All of them will remain stored in our history, and also in those of the people who have spoken with us. What we will have achieved by deactivating Facebook Messenger, is that nobody can start a new conversation with us, nor of course, that we can do it.

Have you had to disable Messenger on your Android mobile? If you want to share your experience with other users, you can do it in the link indicated below.