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How to deactivate the MOVISTAR voicemail, answering machine? Activate or deactivate with this code

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How to deactivate the MOVISTAR voicemail

Do you want to deactivate Movistar voicemail? He voicemail It is a creation of telephone operators to receive a message when we have not answered a call. Something that in principle may seem very practical. But that is not so much considering that those who call us will be charged for the call.

Therefore, you may have a Movistar mobile phone and want to disable this option. We tell you below the methods you have to deactivate the MOVISTAR voicemail.

How to deactivate your Movistar voicemail

Through the Android app

If you are a regular user of the Movistar app, probably the easiest way to disable voicemail is through it. To do this, you will have to access the Contract and manage services tab. Once inside it, there is a small menu on the voicemail.

In it you will see the different activation options that you have available. You will only have to deactivate them all, or if you want only one of them.

You can download the Movistar app here:

deactivate the MOVISTAR voicemail

If you do not have the Movistar app on your smartphone, you can also do it through the web. Entering your access data You can reach the same menu and deactivate the voice mail, through the same process.

To do this you will have to access through the following link:

deactivate the voicemail My MOVISTAR

Deactivate Movistar mailbox using codes

You can also deactivate voicemail by calling 22547. To choose the option you want to deactivate your mailbox, you will have to dial the following codes:

  • Press 1: To deactivate voicemail when you reject a call.
  • Press 2: To remove the voicemail when communicating or rejecting a call.
  • Press 3: To disable voicemail when you cannot answer a call.
  • Press 4: To deactivate voicemail when the mobile is turned off or out of coverage.
  • Press 5: To totally deactivate the Movistar voicemail.

remove voicemail MOVISTAR

The call is completely free. Actually, it is the equivalent to the codes by means of the keyboard used by other companies so that you can easily activate or deactivate your voicemail. But you won’t even have to talk to any operator. When you call, you will simply see an answering machine that will explain the aforementioned codes, so you can choose the one you want.

In principle, it may seem that the option to remove the Movistar mailbox through the application is a bit more intuitive. But if you have never used the app and do not get too much with the web, the option of doing it over the phone can also be very practical. You decide which form is easier for you.

Do you have a Movistar mobile? Have you ever activated or deactivated your voicemail? What method did you find most comfortable for this? We invite you to go through the comments section that you can find at the bottom of this article. There you tell us your experience when you deactivate the Movistar voice mailbox.