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How to deactivate a stolen Android mobile phone?

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disable stolen Android phone

Do you need to know how to deactivate a stolen phone? If your phone has been stolen, you probably have two concerns. The first, the money that will cost you a new one. The second, that someone can make calls with him or access your data.

So that this is not a serious problem, we will teach you to deactivate a stolen mobile.

Methods to deactivate a stolen mobile

We already talked at the time of what to do if your Android phone is stolen. If necessary, let’s see what we can do, so that we don’t have more headaches, than we are going to have.

Do not change your Google password

It’s easy to think that a good idea for them not to use your mobile phone is to quickly change your Google password. But the reality is that it is not a good idea.

Keep in mind that almost all methods to deactivate your mobile need your Google password. Therefore, we recommend that you wait a little longer before changing it.

how to deactivate a stolen mobile

Use Android Device Manager

Google has a system specially designed for you to access your devices. It’s about the service Android Device Manager. If you want to lock the phone so that nobody can use it or erase all the information you can find on it, you must follow these steps:

  1. Enter the following link: Android Device Manager
  2. Enter your Google account and password.
  3. All mobile phones that have been registered with your account will appear. Choose the one you want to deactivate.
  4. Choose the options Block, Disable or Delete data from the device.

how to disable a stolen mobile

To deactivate a stolen mobile, use your Samsung account

If your mobile phone is from the Samsung brand, you will also have the possibility to use your South Korean brand account to locate it.

The process is practically the same as the one we use with Android Device Manager. You will simply have to sign in with your Samsung account and choose the device you want to block. You can then choose if you want to lock the phone or erase all the data you have on it.

In link to which you have to access to be able to locate your Samsung mobile It is as follows:

How to disable a stolen Android phone? Install Android Lost

The options mentioned above are available for devices from 2013. But it is possible that what you want to block is an even older mobile. In that case, you can solve it with an external application. Android Lost is probably the most useful for it.

What you can do with Android Lost is basically the same as with Android Manager Device. The only difference is that this app works with slightly older versions of the operating system. To download this application, you will only have to access the following link:

Have your Android phone ever been stolen? Have any of these methods helped you to deactivate an Android mobile?

A little further down you can find our comments section. There you can comment with other users, your experience when trying to disable a stolen mobile.2