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How to create a shortcut to a WhatsApp contact

For many contacts we have in WhatsApp, the reality is that in the end we always end up talking with the same people. And searching between the conversations of the application can sometimes be a bit tiring.

Therefore, a good option that we can consider is to create a shortcut.

In this way, we will have on our home screen an icon that will take us directly to the chat that we want

Create shortcuts for your WhatsApp chats

What is a shortcut?

The shortcuts are nothing other than an icon on the home screen similar to the one we use to access any application.

But clicking on them will not access the main WhatsApp menu, but directly to the chat that we have with the person for whom we created it.

The option to create a shortcut to a conversation is available for both private chats and groups.

Therefore, it doesn’t matter who or who are the people you talk to most. You can have them fixedly on your home screen to find them quickly.

Create shortcut from WhatsApp

The first method to create the shortcut is found in the WhatsApp application itself. We will have to enter the conversation from which we want to create the access and click on the menu. Later we will select the option More and then Create Shortcut.

Then a window will appear indicating that this shortcut will be created. Depending on the launcher you have on your mobile, you may be able to configure its appearance to your liking.

Create shortcut from widgets

Another way to perform this process is through the menu to add widgets that you can find in your launcher. Although it may vary depending on the model, it is normal to access it by leaving the screen pressed for a few seconds. From there you will have to select the widget for direct access to WhatsApp.

Once you click on it, you will have to place it in the place of the screen where you want the shortcut to stay. Remember that if you want you can move it again later.

Once you have planted it in the corresponding place, a screen with all your WhatsApp conversations will appear. You will have to choose the one for which you want to create a shortcut. Access will be created in a matter of seconds.

Have you created any shortcut for a WhatsApp conversation? You can share your experience with other users in the comments section.