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How to completely disable Bixby on the Galaxy S20

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Bixby It is the voice assistant that we can find as standard in Samsung mobiles. A system that can be very helpful to manage our smartphone beyond Google Assistant.

But for whatever reason, you might prefer not to use this assistant. So in this post we are going to indicate the steps you must follow if you want to disable it completely.

Completely disable Bixby

How to disable the Bixby button

  1. Swipe down the notifications tab
  2. Access the power button menu in quick settings
  3. From the menu that appears, select Side Keyboard Settings
  4. Change the Double Tap interaction for something other than Bixby

Once you have done all these steps, you will avoid accidentally press the button which leads to the wizard. This can be very useful for those who usually have a hard time using their mobile phone normally without ending up pressing the wrong keys that can be very uncomfortable.

How to disable Bixby Home from the home screen

Even if you have disabled the button, the wizard will still be available to you on the home screen. If you want of course. Because if this is not the case, you always have the option to disable this option by following these steps:

  1. In the starting screen, press and hold an empty space until the menu appears.
  2. Swipe the panels to the right until you reach the home panel on the left.
  3. At the top, the words Bixby Home will appear along with a button to disable. Just clicking on it will be disabled.

Remember that all these steps are intended for him Samsung Galaxy S20 and other devices of its series. If you have another model, some of the steps may change.

Why would you want to disable the wizard?

The Samsung assistant is a tool that can be very useful. And, in case you don’t need it, it’s easy to think that just not using it is enough. However, Samsung users have been asking for it to be disabled for some time. The reasons why they wanted it can be very diverse.

Most users who ask to disable Bixby do so to prevent the wizard from skipping by mistake. And it is that, being in the side menu, it is quite easy for us to finish it by pressing involuntarily.

If it happens to you once sporadically, it is something that in principle has no major drawback. But if you are jumping every two times it can be quite annoying. Fortunately, now you know how to avoid it.

Do you have a Samsung Galaxy S20? Do you usually use Bixby or have you preferred to disable it? What are your main reasons for this? If you want to tell us your impressions about it, we invite you to go through the comments section that you can find at the bottom of this article.