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How to clear the cache in Google Play Store (and when to do it)

clear cache in Google Play Store

The cache is the part of RAM, which stores the data of an application. And this is to not constantly access the storage space. In this way, you can access the apps without having to consume too many resources and time. We can say that the Android cache accelerates access times, by doing so on RAM.

But clear the cache of the Google Play Store It can be very tempting. Especially when we don’t have too much space on our device. We teach you how to do it and why you should not abuse it.

Clear Android cache from Google Play Store: what you should know

What is the cache of your Android?

The function of the cache is to allow the data that the processor needs to access to launch an application, to load much faster and more smoothly. In this way, the resources consumed to open a new app will be many smaller. This way the operation of your mobile or tablet will be much more effective.

clear Android cache

Thus, if this type of memory did not exist, it would have to be invented. Each time we opened an application, all data related to it would have to be loaded. On the one hand, this would make as we have said, the resources consumed by the mobile would be more. And on the other we would also increase the use of data, since having to download everything every time the consumption would be greater. The time to open each Android app or game would be longer.

Is it bad to clear the cache?

Sometimes the internal storage that we have in our smartphone falls short. And when we start to see what we can eliminate to have a little more space, the idea of ​​clearing the cache from the Google Play Store can be very tempting. However, although in principle it is not bad to do so, it is also not a highly recommended solution.

How to clear cache memory in the Play store

As we have commented previously, this type of memory makes the performance of the applications better and that less data is consumed. Therefore, if we eliminate it, we will be risking the operation of our smartphone is not as satisfactory as we would want.

However, when we have problems like Google Play Services are updating or the problem pending download on Google Play, we may have to resort to clearing the cache.

Play store how to clear cache

How to clear Android cache from Google Play Store

  1. Enter in the Settings menu and, once there, at Application Manager.
  2. Go to Google Play Store and click on the buttons the buttons Clear cache and Clear data.
  3. Repeat the same process, but with the Google Play Services application.
  4. Do the same again with Download Manager / Download manager.
  5. Restart the mobile so that the changes become effective.

You can carry out this same process to erase the cache of any other application. As you can see, these are quite simple steps.

Have you resolved your doubts about how to clear the cache of your Android mobile or tablet? Do you think it is worth the risk of eliminating it to reduce space? We invite you to go through the comments section that you can find at the bottom of the page and tell us if you have ever needed it.