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How to check Hardware on XIAOMI phones with TEST mode?

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Check the Hardware in XIAOMI phones with TEST mode

¿Do you need to check Hardware on XIAOMI devices? Xiaomi test mode is the way to check the phone’s hardware, using an on-screen code. Many mobile phone models have hidden modes. They are usually menus of a technical nature, which are not usually very useful for the average user, but for the more advanced ones.

One of them is the test mode that we can find in Xiaomi phones. It is a test mode, which allows you to check the operation of the hardware. Next, we explain how to enter the Xiaomi test mode and what you can do in it.

Xiaomi test mode, how to check the Hardware?

What is the Xiaomi test mode for?

Imagine that you see that when you receive a WhatsApp the notification LED does not turn on. Or that calls are not heard correctly. Is it a problem with the phone itself, the application or the operating system? Sometimes it’s hard to tell.

And for these situations is when the Xiaomi test mode It is especially practical. And this menu is intended to test different hardware elements of your phone. This way you can rule out more «physical» problems and see if the fault is in the operating system.

Xiaomi test mode

Among the elements that we can observe from the test mode are the speaker, the microphone, the sensors, the notification LED, the vibration, the calls, the screen, the headphones, the WiFi connection, the camera, etc.

To find out if they are working well, you will simply have to click on the one that interests you in the menu. The phone will take care of testing to see if everything is going well. In this way, identifying small breakdowns is much simpler.

Xiaomi test code

How to access the Xiaomi Hardware test mode

The easiest way to access the Xiaomi test mode is through a code. It is one of those Android codes that allow you to do things that do not appear in the usual menus.

The code you will have to enter to access this mode is the * # * # 64663 # * # *. You will simply have to write it on the dial, as if you were dialing a phone number and the menu will appear on your screen.

Xiaomi Hardware test mode

Another way to access this mode is to enter the Settings menu, up to the section in which the Kernel version appears. If you click on it 5 times, the same menu will appear as entering the code that we have indicated above.

It may be a bit more cumbersome than the previous option, having to be navigating through the menus. But the reality is that you arrive at the same place and the result is the same.

¿Have you ever tried check Hardware on XIAOMI? ¿Or Xiaomi test mode? What checks have you done with it? We invite you to take a tour of the comments section at the bottom of the page and tell us what you have used for this mode and if the results obtained have been what you expected.