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▷ How to calibrate the Android screen on any phone or tablet ?

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How to calibrate the Android screen

Calibrating the screen on Android is something that is generally not necessary. But sometimes it can be the solution when we are having problems.

Today, practically all smartphones on the market have touch screens. And when we see that nothing happens when we press it, we tend to think that it is a serious problem and that we have to change the phone.

However, this is not always necessary. There are times when it is simply a calibration problem. Next we will show you the steps to follow to calibrate the screen on Android.

How to calibrate the screen on Android?

Using the Touchscreen app to repair

Although it is not absolutely essential, the easiest way to calibrate our smartphone is with the help of a third-party application, which can help us with this task. In the Google Play Store you can find several options for this.

But today we are going to recommend one in particular, Touchscreen repair. What this application does is solve the calibration problems that we can find in our device so that the touch screen gives a better response.

You can download it for free at the following link:

How to use Touchscreen Repair to calibrate your smartphone screen

The process to solve the problems of your smartphone with this application is very simple. You will simply have to start the application and click on the Start button. Then, you can see how it asks you to press the screen three times at the points you indicate.

Once we have done it, we will simply have to wait for the app to show us that the diagnosis is over. Finally, you will simply have to restart the phone. Once you have done so, if you have been able to solve the screen calibration problems, it will be perfectly optimized.

calibrate Android phone screen

Calibrate through settings

If you do not want to have to install any third-party application on your mobile, you also have an option to calibrate. And is that within Settings menu There is also a place where you can find this possibility. But the reality is that it is a more complicated and less intuitive process to calibrate the screen of your Android.

check touch screen android phone

And this setting is not found in the menu that we open when we access from our smartphone. We will have to go to the developer options, which are hidden. But if you «dare» to do the process using this method, you just have to follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings> Phone information.
  2. Click 7 times on the Version number or Build number section.
  3. A message will appear indicating that Developer Options are active.
  4. Activate the Show touches and Pointer location options.
  5. Touch the screen 10 times. If the result is 10/10 it means that everything is fine.
  6. Once the problem is resolved, disable the two options above.

Have you ever needed to calibrate the screen of your Android mobile? Have you done it through an external application or through the Developer Options?

We invite you to go through the comments section at the bottom of the page and tell us about your experience to share them with other users.