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How to avoid changing the name of your WhatsApp groups

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When we form a group of Whatsapp, the first step is to put a name to identify the object of the group. But, unless we tell you otherwise, this name can be changed by any user of the group.

And this can lead to confusion, as if we don’t know if they’ve put us in a new group or that we end up sending a message to the wrong group. Luckily, there are ways you can avoid it.

Make only you can change the name of your WhatsApp group

The dangers of jokes in groups

Those responsible for WhatsApp cannot access the content that is shared through the groups. As we are notified when we start using the application, the messages are encrypted end to end.

But what the developers of the application can access is the group names. And this has caused the odd problem to users who had prankster friends.

Thus, recently there was a case in Asturias in which, as a joke, a user changed the name of his group to that of Child Pornography. Being a clearly illegal issue, the application removed the group and banned all users who were in it, causing a major problem.

Without reaching those extremes, change the name of your group Without consulting you can be tricky. For example, if they put the name of another group you already have, you can end up sending a WhatsApp to the wrong users.

Changing the name of a group without consent can cause important problems.

Steps so that nobody can modify your WhatsApp group

Fortunately, this problem has a solution. And it is that the application has an option that allows only administrators of a group can change their name.

In this way, unless you have given them permission, other users will not be able to modify the way your group chat is called. Thus we will avoid possible confusion and even legal problems such as the case we met recently in Asturias.

The steps so that only administrators can change the name of a WhatsApp group are the following:

  • Enter a group of which you are an administrator (essential for this process).
  • Click on the group name and select the Group info option.
  • Enter the submenu Group settings.
  • Click on the option Edit group data.
  • Change existing settings to Administrators only.

Once you have finished this process, no troll can change the name of your WhatsApp group, unless you have given them administrator permissions.

Have you had any problems with users who change the names of your WhatsApp groups? We invite you to tell us in the comments section.15