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How to activate the right or left handed mobile keyboard (one hand)

activate the one-handed mode

¿Do you want to activate the one-handed mode in your smartphone Android? It is estimated that 10% of the population is left-handed. Even in this sense, companies like Google have thought about accessibility methods, including typing with mobile phones.

Luckily, Google’s keyboard, Gboard, has taken this circumstance into account. And it has an option to write with one hand, which has functions for right-handed or for left handed.

Whether you want to adapt the phone to the left hand or if you are right-handed and want to activate the one-handed mode, this post may interest you.

Android keyboard with one hand, right or left handed

The steps that we describe in this article, we have also detailed in video. In our all android channel on Youtube You can find this and other videos with tutorials, tips for use on Android, reviews, analysis, among other topics.

The video below, gives us a step by step to have the Android keyboard in one hand, whether you use the right or left hand:

Make sure you have the Gboard keyboard

In order to use the keyboard with one hand, remember that you need to use Gboard. Your smartphone might have another default keyboard, or you may have downloaded another later. But we cannot guarantee that any of those additional keyboards have the left-handed option, not even the one-handed option.

The Google keyboard is usually preinstalled on virtually all Android phones. But if you see that you don’t have it in yours, you can download it completely for free at the following official Google Play link:

Gboard – die Google-Tastatur
Gboard – die Google-Tastatur

How To activate the one-handed mode

To activate the one-handed mode, we will have to open the keyboard from any app to type text, such as WhatsApp for example. At the top we will find an icon with a + sign or a Google G. By clicking on it, we can see how a series of additional configuration icons appear.

activate the one-handed mode

Among those icons, we will find three dots (…) that will take us to some options. When you click on it, these options will appear. Among them, we will have to choose With one hand. You may also see an icon with a hand drawn.

By pressing on one hand, the mode will be activated. Whether you are left-handed or right-handed, your smartphone will be ready for you to write more comfortably, with just one hand.

What if you are left handed?

If you are left-handed and want to adapt your mobile, you simply have to click on the arrow that appears on the left side of the keyboard. At that time, all keys will move to the other side. In this way, you can write with your left hand much more comfortably.

One-handed mode is especially useful if you have a large smartphone. When the screen is large and you don’t want to have to use both hands, normal keyboard settings can be uncomfortable.

Especially if you are left-handed and the keys appear on the side less comfortable for you. Fortunately, this configuration is quite simple and can help you to be more comfortable.

Do you have your smartphone set to one hand? Do you find it comfortable? We invite you to go through our comments section and tell us about this.