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How to activate dark mode on Instagram Android?

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How to activate dark mode on Instagram Android

Dark Mode on Instagram and other apps, has become fashionable in a lot of Android applications. It is increasingly common for different apps to offer this possibility.

And having a black background will help us save battery, and it will also damage our eyesight, especially if we use the phone at night.

If what you want is to use the dark mode on Instagram, we show you the steps you can follow for it, which are quite simple. We also see that mobiles can activate it and in the case of the Xiaomi Mi 9t that we have, we have been able to activate it with the version MIUI 10.3.15.

How to activate the dark mode on Instagram?

How to activate night mode

Instagram has been one of the latest applications to get into the car of dark mode or night mode. This function has been available for a while.

But, contrary to what happens for example on Twitter, the dark option will not be found directly in the Settings of the application itself. And is that the popular social network of photographs, it comes with a continuous mode, so you cannot change the settings directly in it.

Video where we explain everything

Therefore, if you want to use the dark mode on Instagram, you simply have to go to the settings of your device, and from there, configure the dark mode. All this if your phone is «fit» to activate it.

And how do we activate the dark mode on our phone? Well, we simply have to go to Settings> Display.

There we will find the option that we will have to select so that the background of our applications goes black.

In the case that we want to deactivate the night mode, we will have no choice but to change the mode for the whole phone. There is no way to change it only on Instagram, at the moment.

instagram night mode

In which Android phones is available

It is important to keep in mind that the possibility of using this dark or night mode is not available on all phones. In principle, the dark screen is a characteristic of Android 10. Therefore, if your mobile has the latest version of the operating system, you can set the dark mode whenever you want.

But there are some brands that have added layers of customization that are a little ahead of the arrival of Android 10. This is the case of EMUI, the system used by Huawei phones. We can also find the dark mode in smartphones with MIUI, the system that Xiaomi phones usually use. In our case, the specific version is the MIUI 10.3.15 With it we were able to activate the dark mode.

Advantages and disadvantages of dark mode or night mode

Once we have activated the night mode on Instagram, we can see how the Instagram background stops being white to be completely dark. In this way, our eyesight will be less damaged when we are consulting the social network at night or in low ambient light. But, although that is its main function, no less negligible is that it also reduces the ateria consumption. Therefore, it is a fairly beneficial option for many users.

Have you activated dark mode on Instagram or other applications? Do you think that it really brings some advantage or, as many users say, is rather a matter of posturing? We invite you to tell us what you think and if you have the night mode on your phone, in the comments section at the bottom of the page.