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How can I change the font on Instagram (Android)

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How can I change the font on Instagram

¿Do you want to change the font on Instagram? This is the most popular platform to upload photos that has been giving what to talk about in recent months, as another trick has been released. Did you know that it is possible to change the font of the name of your profile or of a publication?

Although this change cannot be made directly in the application, the platform allows adding other types of letters, using the help of other pages or applications.

Who would not like to have a profile that catches the attention of their followers? By changing the type of font you use, you will give it an original touch that will make you stand out from other users. You just have to have a web page that helps you personalize the text you want and then copy them to Instagram.

You need to keep in mind that you can’t use any page or just use Word. You should get a website that generates texts compatible with Instagram typography.

You can use this page or Ig Fonts as well as other alternatives that you will find on the Internet. Let´s see how to change the font on Instagram.

Steps to change or add another font to Instagram

How can I change the font on Instagram (Android)

  • Mainly you should look for a page that personalizes your texts, as we mentioned earlier.
  • Once you are inside the site, you just have to write the text you want and the page will automatically present several fonts for your text at the bottom.
  • Select and adjust the text with the font that interests you and then copy it.
  • Then you go to the Instagram application, open your profile and click on the «Edit profile» It is worth mentioning that, you can also do it in any publication.
  • Once inside this section, you can place your personalized text in the biography.
  • Finally, remember to save the changes at the end.

Simple steps

With these simple and easy steps, you will be able to change the typeface on Instagram of your texts, giving your profile a little more style. Remember that these steps can also be applied to your profile name, comments and even in direct messages.

You will give a more personal touch to your publications and call the attention of others who are not followers.

Are you an Instagram user? Leave a comment with your tricks to improve on the photo network.