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Google Play Store has stopped, how to fix it on your Android?

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Google Play has stopped

Do you have the problem Google Play has stopped? The Google Play Store It is the official store of apps, games and entertainment for Android users. However, sometimes it fails to throw problems that may disturb the user. Among the most common errors or problems we find that the pending download in the Play Store and that has stopped unexpectedly.

There are also problems that make the Play Store disappear from our smartphone. And we must download it from an online app store. The mistake that we come to solve today is very common. And there are 2 possible solutions that should help you.

It is no secret to anyone that it is very annoying to read on our mobile screen. «Google Play Store has stopped» Therefore today we bring you the solution. We hope you find it useful.

Google Play Store has stopped, how to fix it on your Android?

Next we are going to present 2 procedures that help to solve the problem of the Play Store has stopped. It should be noted that, the message appears on our screens for 3 very common reasons:

  • You don’t have the latest Google Play update
  • The cache of the Play Store application is failing and there is a bug in the Google servers.

Update the Google Play Store

A clear example of what happens for this reason is that when entering the Google Play The message that it has stopped appears. The possible solution is that we update the application of the Google store to the latest version on the market.

Google Play Store has stopped

  • We have to open the Google Play Store.
  • We must go to the settings found in the upper left (3 stripes).
  • At the bottom we will see the section “Settings”, In which we must press to see its content.
  • Then in the box we will see “Play Store Version» There we have to press several times in a row, so that it appears if there is a new update or to know if we have the store updated.

In case you get the option to update, you should do so because it is possibly the cause of the error.

Clear the cache and data from Google Play Services

The second tip you should keep in mind when Google Play has stopped is the following. This time we must clear the cache and data from Google Play services and the same Google app store.

  • We have to go to the “Settings”Of our Android mobile phone.
  • Now we must go to the “Applications”So that all the ones we have downloaded appear to us. On some phones they can be filtered by “Enabled and not enabled» But we must choose the second.
  • We have to search and access “Google Play services«
  • Once inside, we must select in “Storage«
  • There we must press on “Clear cache”So you can remove junk files that the application has.

It should be noted that we must do the same steps with the Google Play app. All this to try to solve the problem.

Google Play has stopped

Clear Google Services Framework cache

However, if the Google Play Store error still appears, we must make a final attempt as follows.

  • We return to the settings of our Android mobile phone.
  • We enter the section of “Applications«
  • There we must find and access an application called “Google Services Framework«
  • We enter the «Storage«
  • Click on «Clear cache«

This way the problem “Google Play has stopped” is solved and we will not have to deal with it again.

If neither with this last procedure is solved Google Play has stopped, let’s see what else can be done. This will be our last resort and it is reset Android mobile phone or tablet. Remember that when you format and reset your Android phone, everything is lost and you will have it as when you took it out of the box. You will have to start with the first configuration, and it should work again without problem Google Play.

Ideally, tell us if the tutorial has served you and how long it took you to do it.