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Google Assistant, some of its most interesting commands

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Google Assistant It is the assistant we have in our Android phones to control our smartphone with the voice. And it allows us to perform a wide variety of actions without touching the phone. So you can get the most out of it, let’s show you some of the most interesting commands.

Google Assistant, interesting commands

Settings Commands

To call your Google assistant, you only have to say the words Ok google when you have your phone in front. You can also “invoke it” by leaving your finger pressed on the start button of your terminal.

Once the application has started, you just have to give it the orders you want. There are some that are quite obvious, but it is possible that there are other possibilities in which you have not even fallen.

Some of the most interesting options of Google Assistant go through the Settings control. It will no longer be necessary to enter the corresponding menu of your phone. You will simply have to tell your smartphone the setting you want to change.

Some of the examples you can carry out are the following:

  • Open the Settings menu
  • Open the X application
  • Show my Google search history
  • Raise the volume
  • Raise the brightness
  • Set airplane mode
  • I want you to call me ‘X’
  • Turn on WiFi
  • Turn on Bluetooth

Other Google Assistant commands

There are also others commands which can be a little more everyday. In fact, the main function of Google Assistant is to answer questions as if we were looking for them on Google.

But you can also do other things, such as asking him to call one of your contacts or send them a WhatsApp. You can also set alarms or ask the site that you have to take on the GPS. Virtually anything you can think of can do it. But if you want to know some concrete examples, we mention them below:

  • Call X
  • Wake me up tomorrow at 7
  • Turn off the next alarm
  • How has Barça – Real Madrid been?
  • What weather will it do today?
  • Put me a song by Alejandro Sanz
  • Send a WhatsApp to X saying Y.
  • Add milk to the shopping list
  • Put Stranger Things on Netflix
  • Take me to the street ‘X’
  • How do you say ‘road’ in spanish?

Do you usually use Google Assistant? Do you think the Google assistant can be interesting? Which of these commands have you ever used? Do you know others that you want to share with our readers?

A little further down you can find our comments section, where you can share your experiences with other users with some of the most interesting commands you can use.

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