Trick to connect your mobile to a router and achieve greater speed

How to connect a phone to a router using an adapter cable

While at home, your mobile phone may not behave at the rate you want when connecting to a Wi-Fi network. There are several factors that threaten optimal speed, especially because it is wireless. However Did you know that you can improve this aspect of your equipment if you connect the phone to the router using an adapter cable?

Although it may seem strange, considering that the port of an Android mobile is a USB, the possibility of connect it to a router and improve internet speed, they seem scarce, but that is not the case. Let's know more details about this in the following article that you will be surprised.

How to connect a phone to the router using an adapter cable

USB to network adapter cable for mobile phones

The good thing about technology is that compatibility between devices is possible, thanks to Wifi, Bluetooth or adapter cables. This last component is perhaps the most reliable and allows us to integrate all types of devices together, without problem.

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These adapter cables have a peculiarity and that is that at one end they have a USB port, which can be Type C, micro or any other that works for you. While the other side is an RJ45 input; that is, for internet cable.

You simply must Connect each end to the corresponding port and your mobile phone will connect to the router. This, through the adapter cable, increases internet speed, minimizing drops, guaranteeing continuity and greater performance.

The biggest drawback will be mobility, considering that you do not have a Wifi signal and you will depend on the length of the network cable to move. However, these types of adapter cables are useful in certain cases; For example, if you will do a live broadcast and it is not necessary to leave the place. Also, to improve speed when playing video games on your mobile.

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This adapter cable also works for tablets, you just have to buy the corresponding type of USB port and that's it. It is quite useful and advantageous to have one at home, business or office. If you are interested in having it, you can visit these links and purchase one.

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These three adapters are the most requested on the market, you can enter now and learn about them in detail. Share this information with other users so that they know this type of technologies.

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