How setting custom charging alerts can help you extend the battery life of your Android phone

charging alerts on your mobile

Most mobile phones, regardless of what range they belong to, have a Limited useful life because the battery is not removable and we cannot change it. Therefore, we must take all the necessary measures to maintain the best condition of our battery. There are many tips that will help you extend the life of your battery, but none as useful as the one I am going to tell you below. Let's see How to set battery charge alerts to improve the useful life of our mobile.

The mobile battery matters a lot

charged battery warning

Know the useful life of our battery It is something very useful to know how we are using the terminal and if we are making sustainable use of it. On many occasions, when we review the condition of our battery we see that it could be much better and, to a large extent, This is due to a bad charging habit..

And the fact is that, whether the battery is completely discharged or if the battery is left charging for longer than necessary, in the end it ends up suffering and causing its useful life to worsen. No matter what cell phone you have, If the battery is not replaceable, when it stops working correctly, your mobile will lose a lot of value and you will want to have another one that works properly.

Although in reality, there are ways to change the mobile battery, in many cases it ends up being a bigger problem than looking for a new cell phone, and that's what we usually do. So, if you don't want to end the useful life of your mobile phone prematurely, you have to take care of its battery as the most important thing about it.

So, so that you can take care of your mobile phone's battery, I am going to give you some very valuable advice, which is Set charging alerts to warn you that your phone is already charged or that the battery is about to run out. It is very simple and will make your mobile last in perfect condition for longer. Let's see.

Set charging alerts on your mobile

Full battery with charging alert

The first thing you should know before setting up charging alerts on your mobile is the battery charge cycles. Each cycle is understood as each time the phone battery is discharged and recharged again.. And lithium-ion batteries are not infinite, they actually have a limited number of charge cycles. To make it easy to understand, a charge cycle is counted as one complete discharge from 100% to 0%, or the sum of several charges that add up to 100%.

So what we are going to configure on our mobile is a warning so that the battery charge does not drop below a certain level and thatCourse Don't end up charging more than necessary. This configuration can be done directly from the mobile settings by following these steps.

  1. Open the «Settings» of your mobile.
  2. Find and tap «Battery and energy saving».
  3. configure the options “IA Charge Protection” and “Charge Bypass”.
  4. In the same or menu set your charging alerts so that it notifies you when it is charged and when the battery is going to discharge.
  5. Exit this menu.

This is the way to configure charging alerts from your mobile, but Your system may not allow you to configure these options. This does not mean that you are left helpless when faced with these options. Well, you would be left helpless if it weren't for the fact that there are apps that allow you to configure this without any difficulty. The best known tool for this is Battery Alarm.

Put charging alerts on your mobile with Battery Alarm

Battery Alarm app

Battery Alarm is one of the most used apps of the world with this pretext: Help improve your mobile battery through charging alerts. And that's exactly what it does with a fun cartoon in the shape of an animated battery that tells you what the state of your battery is like.

In addition to this, it is an app that neither consumes battery, nor shows you ads, nor collects information from your mobile. As you can see, it is a completely safe app for your mobile that will improve its quality by configuring it in a matter of seconds. Below I leave you a link so you can download it easily and safely.

battery alarm
battery alarm
Developer: Zoran Vujacic
Price: Free

Once you have downloaded and installed the app, follow these steps to establish charging alerts on your mobile.

  1. Open Battery Alarm and look at the left side of the battery doll, there you have the language, change it to yours.
  2. On the other hand, at the top right, you will see an option that says “Sound alert”, activate it.
  3. At the bottom of your screen, configure the battery charging alert. battery low to 20% and battery charged to 80% .

And voila, this is how you can have notifications on your mobile when the battery is running out or is already sufficiently charged. In addition to being able to charge the battery optimally, the app It also tells you the temperature and general health of your battery so it doesn't hurt to open it from time to time to see that everything is going well.

So, now you know, if this tutorial has been helpful to you Share it with your friends and family, especially if you are going to inherit that mobile phone in the future, you want its owner to take perfect care of it.

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