OnePlus 8T, we already know its final design

oneplus 8t

El OnePlus 8T It will be presented next week with the intention of becoming the Chinese alternative to the new Google Pixel. Until it is officially presented, we will not definitively know all its benefits. But what we do know is its external appearance, since the brand has already released an official video in which it gives us some clues.

OnePlus 8T, everything we already know about it

New camera format

One of the main points that have attracted attention in this device is that we already know that it will have 4 cameras, something that has not been a big surprise. The main difference that we find with the design of the previous OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro is that the camera module is not centered, but tilted slightly to the left.

One point that also draws attention is the arrangement of the cameras, which are placed in an L shape. In this it differs from other smartphones such as the Google Pixel, and looks a little more like the Samsung Galaxy S20. In the same frame we will also find the flash and the torch, so that everything you need to take photos is in the same place.

In the images we have seen we can see that the OnePlus 8T does not have fingerprint reader In the back. As it is quite strange that a mobile today does not have this feature, we assume that it will have the reader in the front. That is what has become common in mid-high range smartphones lately.

New color

Another conclusion that we have been able to draw after seeing the images of the new OnePlus 8T is that it has a new color. It is a striking aquamarine color, which is similar to what we have already seen in other previous models such as the OnePlus 8 and the OnePlus 8 Pro. It is therefore a little further away from the cyan color that we could find in the OnePlus North.

The presence of the switch is also confirmed Alert Slider, which has been present in the brand's smartphones since the OnePlus 2.


We still do not know when the OnePlus 8T will go on sale in Spain. What we do know is that its official presentation will be on October 14. It will be then when we know in detail all its characteristics, both at the design level and at the level of technical specifications. And it will also be at that time when we have more information about its price.

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