How to fix problems with Google Play Services

fix problems with Google Play services

Do you have problems with Google Play Services?. Google Play services is an application that is used to update apps, both from the Android system itself and from third parties. But sometimes it can happen that it is that application itself, the one that gives you problems.

If this has been your case, the solution usually involves uninstalling its updates. A fairly simple process that can avoid major problems.

How to fix problems with Google Play Services

What is Google Play Services for?

Being a free software system that anyone can modify, Android's big problem was fragmentation. To avoid this, Google needed to implement some system that would allow it to maintain control. AND Google Play services is the app that makes sure everything stays up to date. Regardless of the version of Android we have.

It is an app that works in the background, and checks for new updates. These updates can be both from the Android system itself, and from any of the applications that we have installed. In addition, it also allows other apps to use some Google services, to improve their use.

How to fix problems with Google Play Services

Thus, for example, Google Play Services is the application in charge of managing various aspects. For example, an app might open a web page in Chrome, open a map of Google Maps or make payments with Google Wallet. In short, we could say that it is the link between all the apps on our phone.

I have problems with Google Play Services, what do I do?

We already saw in a previous article how to fix pending download on google play. If we have problems with Google Play Services, the way to solve it can be as detailed.

Some updates, depending on the Android mobile model we have, may cause it to not work well. This problem usually occurs in Chinese mobiles, but also in other Japanese or Korean brands.

Sometimes these issues result in phone malfunctioning. It does not load the apps well, it gives an error, the mobile gets hot or becomes unstable in its operation.

How to fix problems with Google Play Services

How to uninstall Google Play services updates

  1. Go to Settings > Device > Applications > All > Google Play Store.
  2. Tap Uninstall updates. This resets the app back to the original version, as it was delivered with the device.
  3. Repeat the process again with Google Play Services.
  4. Enter the Google Play Store app and then switch to the home screen.
  5. Wait 5-10 minutes for the update to occur.
  6. Restart your smartphone.
  7. Open the Google Play Store app again.

What if I still have problems?

Most of the time, issues you might be having with Google Play services are simply resolved. uninstalling updates, following the steps in the previous section. But there may also be some cases where this is not the case. In which you are not even able to access the uninstall of Google Play Services updates.

How to fix problems with Google Play Services

In that case, the only way you will have to solve it will be to reset your smartphone and reset to factory settings. This way, it will go back to the way it was when you took it out of the box and should go smooth.

We might thinkSo if I have problems, I format and that's it«. A previous step to this traumatic step is to carry out the aforementioned procedure. This way we do not lose data and if we find the solution, we will save time. Formatting the mobile will be the last option, not because it harms our device. But because all the data, files, apps, photos, videos, etc. will be lost. Before formatting, we must make a backup of everything. And this whole procedure takes time.

Have you ever had problems with Google Play Services? You can tell us how you solved it, in the comments section at the bottom of the page.


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  1.   Alan said

    I would like you to help me:
    I have a moto g7 play and I saw an article that said that a version of Google play services used up a lot of battery, that version of my cell phone had the factory default and it explained why my battery runs out fast, and that I bought the cell phone and it's new (1 week ago), so I installed a new version of Google play services from Uptodown, already installed every 30 seconds it appears that Google play services keeps crashing and I'm afraid that my phone will break and if you could help me I'd be very gratefull