How to create video presentations from your mobile

Applications to create video presentations from your mobile.

Creating video presentations from your mobile is possible and, in fact, it is an easy task to do thanks to the fact that there is a variety of applications designed for this purpose. We present five application options with which you can create the best video presentations From the phone.



Movavi is a video editor available for Android devices that has slides with which it is possible to create video presentations from your mobile. This app gives you easy-to-use controls, professional editing tools, and even lets you export your creations in HD quality.

You don't need previous editing experience; The app provides you with tips to help you master it in a matter of minutes.

Video Bearbeiten Movavi Clips
Video Bearbeiten Movavi Clips
Developer: Movavi
Price: Free

Power point

PowerPoint can also be used to create video presentations from your mobile.

The most classic application of all to create presentations, even video, is Microsoft PowerPoint. It should be noted that this app is not specifically designed to create video presentations, but it does offer a large number of templates, animations, transitions and visual elements to create animated presentations.

If you are already familiar with the PowerPoint suite and need to create simple video presentations, then this app is perfect for you. In addition, you should know that, by being part of Microsoft 365, its annual subscription cost is affordable.

Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft PowerPoint


Keynote is the Apple version presentation software, very similar to PowerPoint, but with a more minimalist design. It is free for Mac users and allows you to create simple video presentations with basic animations.

Keynote has graphs and tables built-in for basic data visualization and is a good option for making short presentations without major visual complexities.

Vyond (formerly GoAnimate)


vyond is a software specialized in character animations with which it is possible to create animated videos with a wide range of customizable characters. This software has a detailed timeline editor through which you can customize the animations in great detail. It's great for creators who need to make animated explainer-style presentations with a focus on the characters. However, their subscription plans can be expensive.

Create video presentations from your mobile with Wideo

Wideo is an option to create video presentations from your mobile.

Wideo is a cloud-based software, easy to use and with a wide variety of pre-designed animated templates in different styles. Allows you to add animated texts, images, videos and visual effects to the scenes. With Wideo you can create advertising videos, tutorials and short presentations without major complexities. The app offers a free plan with a watermark and paid plans with more capabilities.

Developer: Wideo Inc.
Price: Free

Tips for creating video presentations from your mobile

  • Depending on what you are needing, choose one of the applications that we mention in this article.
  • Structure your presentation with a script and decide the visual elements you will use.
  • Take advantage of the templates and visual resources offered by the application to save time.
  • Adjust the animations, transitions and add music or narration as you think necessary.
  • Keep the audience participation with captivating stories and interaction.
  • Choose one background music appropriate that fits the tone of the presentation.
  • Perform tests and seek feedback to ensure your presentation is effective.
  • Adapt the content according to different audiences, cultures or regions if necessary.

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