Hidden features in Android

Hidden features in Android

There are a series of hidden functions in Android that you probably do not know and that would be very useful to you. Possibly you are on the internet looking for this type of android hidden features, and today at todoandroid.es, we will tell you about those functions that you will love to have.

Hidden features in Android

Android is an operating system it offers too many different resources, options and elements that can be of use. There are some hidden features that many of its users do not know, and that they would surely love to meet. These kinds of little-known features can help increase mobile speed with which we do certain things and optimize our time.

Pause apps

This feature was introduced in Android 11 over the past year. To pause an app you must look for it in your main menu. Long press the app icon. An hourglass icon will scroll from the top left. You must click on it. This way the app is paused.

Paused means no you can use it while it is in this state and she will not generate notifications or anything similar.

View notification history

This is another feature introduced in Android 11. You will be able to see the browsing history as follows: Go to the settings section, go to the Notifications section. Look for the “Notification history” and if necessary, activate the function. When the notifications are generated, you will be able to see them in this history.

Split screen

The split screen feature can be very useful and can be activated like this: Open one of the apps you want to have split screen. Look in the recent apps menu. Tap the app you want to open at the same time and tap the pop-up message that says “Open in split screen”. This will be all you need to do.

use subtitles

You can add automatically generated subtitles when you listen to a podcast or watch a video. This function can be activated in the following way: play a video or podcast that you want to subtitle. Press the volume up and down button. Under the volume control you will see a “Subtitles” icon, press it. Finish everything by activating Live Caption.

Hidden features in Android

WhatsApp shortcuts

WhatsApp is one of the most used apps on mobiles today and also contains a series of hidden functions. One of these functions is to access the most recent chats through a shortcut. To do so you must do the following: click on the WhatsApp icon in your start menu and you will get the option to add a shortcut to the most recent chat or to the WhatsApp camera.

Secret codes

You can use secret codes to enter Android menus not otherwise accessible. Some of the codes that might interest you are:

  • audio test: * # * # 0289 # * # *
  • Check the speed of the Wi-Fi connection: * # * # 232339 # * # *
  • Get information about the mobile camera: * # * # 34971539 # * # *
  • Check the IMEI code of your mobile: *#06#
  • Information about the mobile (usage statistics, battery, among others): * # * # * # * # 4636
  • Create a backup of your files: * # * # 273282 * 255 * 663282 * # * # *

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