Ten Ten, an app that is successful among young people and that has put the French government on alert

Have Have an app that turns your Android into a walkie talkie

As a child you probably had a walkie talkie, and you played all day with your friends that they were an elite group and had to fight evil. Well, now when you grow up you can make your Android mobile become one of these devices using the French app, Ten Ten.

Although it is a quite controversial platform in France, that does not mean it is no longer available in Spain. Next we will talk about this app, how it works and what it revolves around in terms of privacy.

How Ten Ten works, the app that turns an Android mobile into a Walkie Talkie

App Ten Ten in Spain

Ten Ten is an application developed in France and is available on the Google Play Store for all users. It works very similar to the WhatsApp audios, as a direct and automatic communication system through voice messages.

To use it you must download the app, available in the Google Play Store. Then, you must add contacts to a list and select one or more to whom you want to send a message. These users must also have the app installed so that communication flows like portable radios.

Now you just have to create the voice note send it and the receiving user will receive the audio. However, – and this is where the controversy with the French authorities comes in – the message will play automatically, without having to press anything or accept the request.

In other words, if you have the app installed and they send you a message, but you are in the middle of a meeting, what the other person says will play itself and everyone will hear it. Although this may sound a little "disturbing" and not very private, the idea of ​​​​using Ten Ten is in certain scenarios.

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A very useful one is when traveling in separate cars, it works perfectly to have real-time, fluid communication without so much protocol. But what happens if you use it for bad purposes? The app can become a bridge for harassment, very bad jokes and without control.

The objective of downloading this app is to do it among friends, the problem is that users share their Tenten profiles and by including them on a stranger's list, they can send them unusual messages.

On the other hand, among so many shortages of privacy, it can be highlighted that messages sent are ephemeral. That is, they are not saved to listen to another time, they are done instantly and then automatically deleted. If you are interested in trying it now, we leave you a shortcut to download it:

have have
have have
Developer: tentenapp
Price: Free

Ten Ten does not seem to be a bad option for communications without so much protocol. It is to use the app, create the voice message and send it. The receiver listens to it without pressing any button and I decide to return the message easily. What do you think of this application, its advantages and disadvantages?

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