Create free mobile wallpapers with this AI application

Create free mobile wallpapers with AI.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is capable of creating practically anything and images are no exception, in fact, it is one of its strengths. Recently, many tools have come onto the market to create images with the help of AI. We recently came across a very interesting app called GenNomis with which it is possible to generate images with AI which can later be used as wallpapers for your mobile. Let's learn more about GenNomis and how you can use this new tool to create unique images that you can use as wallpapers on your phone.

What is GenNomis?

GenNomis Features

GenNomis is an AI-powered imaging platform that also offers an app from which you can access the same benefits as the web version.

Among the main features of GenNomis we find the following:

  • Allows unlimited generation of images without any cost.
  • You can start creating right away without having to create an account.
  • Offers complete freedom to experiment with content generation, uncensored.
  • Its simple and friendly design facilitates the creative process.
  • Use advanced AI to produce high quality images.

How to create mobile wallpapers with AI

Different wallpapers made with AI for mobile.

So that you can start generating your own wallpapers with AI, we leave you a step-by-step guide below:

First, open the GenNomis app on your device. You don't need to register, so you can start creating right away.

In the text field provided by the app, write your message (prompt). You can be as specific or abstract as you want. For example, if you want a wallpaper with a sunset landscape, you can write: "Mountains at sunset with a colorful sky."

GenNomis offers different types of images, such as landscapes, portraits or abstract art. Select the model that best suits your vision.

Once you have entered your message and selected a model, click the “Generate” button (Generate Now in English). The AI ​​will process your message and produce an image based on your description.

To further refine your creation, you can use the advanced options. These include:

  • Number of images- Generates 1 to 3 images from the same message.
  • Negative Prompt- Specify elements that you do not want in your image.
  • LoRA style- Apply a unique artistic style to your image.

Save the image to your device if you like how it turned out. If you are in the web version you can do it by right-clicking on the image and selecting "Save image as...". While, in the app, you can download the image clicking on the download icon that appears in the upper right corner of the image. Then, you can set it as wallpaper on your mobile.

tips for success

AI-generated landscapes to use as wallpapers.

  • Be specific, the more detail your message has, the more personalized the image generated by the app will be.
  • Experiment with different message combinations, models and advanced options.
  • See image gallery generated by other users to inspire you.

If you want to download the application on your mobile and start creating wallpapers, we leave you the link to the Play Store below.

Developer: AI-NOMIS
Price: Free

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