Free alternatives to Google Photos

Free alternatives to Google Photos

We have some free alternatives to Google Photos that can help you store your photos. Maybe you need more space want to know some of these alternatives. The options that we have studied for this article are totally free and you might like them.

Free alternatives to Google Photos

We all know that thanks to update of Google's privacy policies, recently. The photos we save in Google Photos They also take up space shared storage we use in Google Drive. This is something that some people may dislike as it reduces storage capacity.


It is a file storage service directly in the cloud. This includes an automatic image sync option, just like Google Photos. The app gives us a total of 12 GB of free storage. Some users think that the app is basic and simple, but it does what we need.


This is a little known app, but the truth is that it is not bad at all. You can offer up to 1TB of free storage for your users. It is possible to back up your photos easily. However, there are users who comment that they have problems when saving the videos. This would be your only problem.

Amazon Photos

This is a new service from Amazon, which offers unlimited storage without the need to make any kind of extra payment. Works perfectly and is great for saving any number of files, at any time and you will have the support you need. The only detail is that this service is only available to users who have a Amazon Prime account.

Free alternatives to Google Photos


Surely this option seems familiar to you and you have already heard it before. Mega is one of the most popular cloud storage services. In your free Mega account you can save up to 15 GB of files without any problem. You can set to back up your camera folder. In this way you will obtain a similar operation to what Google Photos would do on your mobile.

Mega also offers paid plans in which you have more access to larger storage capacity. But, the service will no longer be free. There are people who use Mega's free service and have no problem with it.


This is a cloud image storage service developed by Microsoft. It is completely free and you will have 5 GB of storage at your disposal, so you can save images and other types of files. In case you want to get more storage capacity you will have to pay an extra 2 euros to acquire the basic plan.

There are also other plans to choose from, among which there is also the use of Office 365 together with the storage space. This is something that can be especially useful for many users. However, it is no longer a free service, since you must pay. But, you can continue to use the free storage as long as it doesn't exceed the 5 GB limit.

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