Avoid distractions. Pin your favorite apps to Android Auto

Android Auto pin apps

Ensuring safe driving is paramount for Android Auto developers. Therefore, there are many options to configure in this application that improve our driving by avoiding distractions. One of these options is pin apps to the Android Auto home menu to have them on hand and so on not to be distracted while driving. It is easy to configure so keep reading as I will explain it quickly.

More accessibility, fewer distractions

Safe driving with Android Auto

Many of us, since we learned about Android Auto, have been fascinated by the quality of the app and everything it allows us to do while driving. We can listen to music, listen to WhatsApp messages or even have all the information in real time about the state of the roads.

But what is most striking is the attention to detail that they show us in Android Auto. And in a navigation app it is essential that everything goes smoothly because, otherwise, Misuse of the app can have dire consequences. It is because of that Android Auto wants to always keep you attentive to your driving offering countless solutions so you don't take your eyes off the road.

Well, the option that we are going to discuss today to avoid distractions while driving is to fix the apps that we use the most in the initial menu of Android Auto. This option not only gives us quick access to the apps we use on car trips but rather adapts it to our needs without having options that we don't really use.

So, for all this, it is a good idea to choose our favorite apps and pin them to the Android Auto menu. Join safer driving by pinning the apps you use most on Android Auto.

How to fix apps on Android Auto

Applications in the Android Auto menu

To pin the apps you use the most to the Android Auto menu you have to access the settings within the app itself. This is simple, I'll explain how to do it.

  1. Connect your mobile phone to the car as always and open Android Auto.
  2. Touch the menu "Settings" top right with three horizontal lines.
  3. Now tap on the option that says "Customize menu" or "Customize launcher".
  4. Once inside you have a app list which are valid to use while driving with Android Auto, choose the ones you want to pin on the screen.
  5. Now you have the possibility of rearranging positions that they occupy within the menu.
  6. When everything is to your liking you can confirm and exit this menu.

It's that simple to pin apps to the Android Auto home menu. Now you can have Spotify, Waze and WhatsApp together if they are the apps you use the most. And in case there is some apps that you don't want in your home menu you simply have to uncheck them in step 4 mentioned above.

Remember that traveling on the road has its dangers and therefore the best we can do is only place the apps that we use the most and that do not distract us from our driving, so avoid placing apps that can distract you.

And that's it, with these steps you would have the app configured to your liking to access everything that matters to you without distractions. If this guide has helped you customize Android Auto and improve your driving, Share this article with your friends so they can also benefit from safe driving on the road with Android Auto.

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