YouTube will implement a function that will serve to differentiate content created by AI even if it does not seem like it

Community Notes on YouTube

Perhaps the best functionality of Twitter, since this social network was created almost 20 years ago, are the community notes. These notes are used to detect fake news and the truth is that it is giving a really good and surprising result. It took YouTube little time to adapt these notes to its platform with what is surely known as YouTube Community Notes.

And the arrival of this new functionality, which is still in the testing phase, corresponds to the increasing appearance of videos generated by AI on the platform. Let's see How YouTube intends to fight against fake content created by AI.

Videos generated by AI run on YouTube even if you don't realize it

This person doesn't exist

You may know the video that created a trend about 5 years ago, called «This person doesn't exist», where the developments in technology based on artificial intelligence that allowed the creation of human faces that seem real, but do not exist, were explained and brought to the general public.

This video caused a sensation so that today you can still find hundreds of video reactions to this AI-based trend. Logically It came as a "shock" to many users since the coherence of the content generated by a machine is astonishing, now and at the time of creation of this famous video. In fact, We were able to know that it was fiction thanks to the narrative of the video itself, if they do not warn us that they are fake people, we would believe that they are real people.

As you know, today, Artificial Intelligence has advanced so much that we have difficulty distinguishing between a real photo and one created by machines, and also to differentiate real videos from those generated by this technology. In fact, you can make videos as spectacular as the ones that Sora showed us a while ago and that are surely being perfected.

Well, YouTube has developed a system that allows us to know the truth behind these videos and find out which ones are created by AI. This system is similar to what we can find in X (formerly Twitter) which is based on community notes so that the users themselves can assess whether something is real or false.

A new feature taken from Twitter

An idea stolen from Twitter

Following the success of Twitter's Community Notes feature, YouTube believes it is possible to adapt this feature to its platform. But what will this function be like? Everything indicates that, In addition to using an AI-generated content detection algorithm, it will be based on community participation for the detection of these videos.

And, for now, it is basically about promoting the transparency of this type of videos so as not to deceive the end user who consumes them. Is a question of trust faced by YouTube that sees the authority of its videos in danger with the possibility of their platform being flooded with fake content created by AI.

By this I mean the videos that effectively try to deceive the public with an insidious objective, that is, deceive to defraud, alter your view of reality or change your opinion on political matters and other topics of importance to society. And on the other hand there are the creators who only aim upload these videos to earn money.

YouTube already asks for content created by AI

AI Altered Content

Now, if you have a channel that is dedicated to uploading content generated by AI or you simply upload a video where AI plays an important role, it is a good recommendation to indicate the use of this tool in the comments of the video. And when it comes to uploading a video on YouTube already asks you if it is altered by Artificial Intelligence. It doesn't hurt to also indicate this to your users.

Most likely, Channels that upload AI-generated videos without warning are harmed in some way.. At least if these videos go against the community guidelines. Likewise, we will have to wait to see this active function.

So if you have a friend who uploads AI-generated videos to YouTube, be a good friend and share this article with them. They will surely thank you before YouTube suddenly turns off their tap.

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