What benefits does “Bedtime” mode have on Android and how to activate it

benefit from bedtime mode

Even if you go to sleep peacefully and recharge your batteries for the next day, the cell phone still works at night, wasting battery in the process. To avoid this, Android developers incorporated the "Bedtime" mode, which is a functionality that is little known to the general public of mobile technology but is increasingly used. Today I'm going to tell you why you should use this mode and how you can activate it from your Android mobile.

Improve the health of your mobile and yours with the "Bedtime" mode

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Keeping your phone in good condition involves having physical protection such as protective cases or directly using tempered glass on the screen. But Not only the physical appearance of a mobile phone matters, it is also important to maintain its internal health. An example of this is always keeping free space in your storage or keeping your phone at an appropriate temperature.

But maybe, The most important thing is to keep the mobile battery in perfect condition since this is the component that "gives life" to the terminal. And it is that, one poorly used battery It can lead to problems such as lower performance, worse loading time, and sometimes sudden system shutdowns. Something that really worsens our experience with the terminal.

So, to keep the battery in good condition we have to follow a series of tips that allow us to extend its useful life. Now, if you think that this will take a lot of effort, you are wrong because in the Android operating system itself we have options to improve the health of our battery with bedtime mode, Also called rest mode.

Well, this mode allows us to save energy at night, but it not only helps the terminal but also We ourselves can benefit from a more effective rest. In fact, we can control and silence notifications so that they do not disturb us while we rest. In addition to having a function that activates the night light to fall asleep without being exposed to excessive blue lights.

Basically what this mode does is improve Do Not Disturb mode«, once the indicated time has arrived, the mobile screen and system turn black and white (grayscale) so that with a simple glance you understand that you cannot continue with your mobile and get ready to sleep. Without a doubt, this Android functionality is perfect to integrate into our daily lives if we suffer from insomnia or directly add to social networks or mobile phones.

For this reason, and for all the benefits of this bedtime mode, I am going to tell you how can you activate it. Let's see.

How to activate “Bedtime” mode

activate rest mode bedtime mode

If this mode seems to fit your mobile consumption habits and needs, I am going to tell you how you can configure this bedtime mode or rest mode on your mobile. Let's see what it is like.

  1. Open the «Settings» of your mobile.
  2. Look for the option that says «Digital well-being and parental controls».
  3. Now go down and find the option that says rest mode or bedtime mode.
  4. When you open this mode you can choose the “Do not disturb” and “Grayscale” options. We recommend both for greater disconnection.
  5. Now click on "Following".
  6. Below are the configurable schedules for this mode. Choose the time that suits you.
  7. To finish, click "Done".

Ready, by following these steps you can have healthier habits both for yourself as a mobile phone user and for the mobile phone itself. And sometimes we don't realize that we're going to bed and what we do is open our cell phone and look at social media during a time when we should be resting. If this happens to you, Don't think twice and activate the "bedtime" mode or rest mode of your mobile.

And when you've spent a week or two using it, I would like to know how it went for youIf you rest better. Leave me a comment with your experience And if this mode has helped you get a better rest, recommend it to your friends by passing this article on to them.

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