1Password: the best? Android application to manage passwords

1Password: the best Android application to manage passwords

1Password it is one of the best android apps for management de Passwords. In a world that is sometimes insecure like the Internet, having a tool like this, which manages and protects with the best conditions of fullfilment of security requirements our different keys, it is to be thankful.

There are more and more usernames and their respective passwords, which we have in social network profiles, bank accounts, job search websites or any hobby, discussion forums... With this app you can control everything and the safest way possible. we explain how it works.

An encrypted manager of all our passwords

Once you install the application, 1Password will manage all the passwords associated with the different profiles you have created.

They can be from users of a website or a discussion forum of any kind of hobby, to more important ones such as those corresponding to bank accounts, cards credit accounts e-mail, access to teleworking platforms.

1Password: the best Android application to manage passwords

Military Security Encryption

To carry out this secure management, 1Password creates strong and exclusive passwords for each site that the user indicates to the application. You will not have to check the security of your passwords. To do this, use security with security level. AES encryption 256-bit (level military) automatically blocking the application, to keep our data protected at all times.

How does 1Password work?

The application performs the synchronization of our passwords through a Dropbox account, which the user must previously create. Subsequently, a master password is entered, a key for the rest of the keys.

1Password: the best Android application to manage passwords

In a very intuitive and easy-to-use interface, we can create Favorites, folders, account synchronization, browser, quick actions...

Its manager allows us to create, modify and organize the passwords to our liking, saving the data in folders and marking the most frequently used as favorites, to access them quickly. Also, if you have a PC or a Mac, you can also synchronize the manager with them, not only from your mobile or your Tablet.

Download 1Password on Google Play

The app is free, but has integrated product purchases. It is one of the most complete and secure apps on Google Play. This is attested to by all the reviews from users who have tried it or from the press specialized in applications, as well as having been chosen among the best apps of 2014.

Do you have a password manager? Are you willing to try 1Password? If you have, we would love to know your opinion so that other Todoandroid readers have more reference to the application. You can do it in our Android Applications Forum or at the bottom of this news.

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