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5 ways to free up storage on your smartphone

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The latest generation smartphones usually have a lot storage space so you don’t have problems. But between the fact that we usually install a wide variety of applications and that we constantly receive videos and photos on WhatsApp, it is easy that with the passage of time we end up running out of space. Luckily, there are a number of ways you can free up some space so that you can easily re-save files.

Different ways to free up storage

Apps to free up memory

There are applications in the Google Play Store that will help us to delete junk files that may have been stored little by little on our phone. Although the offer in this field is quite wide, one of the most recommended is Files by Google. This app will recommend which files are the least useful for you, so that you can more easily delete what you don’t need. It is a totally free app that you can download at this link:

Clear cache

The cache They are the files stored by certain applications that allow us not to have to load the data every time we open them, so that the process is much faster. But, logically, they also involve a large occupation of space. If you want to clear the cache of a specific app, you just have to go into Settings> Applications and search for the application in question. Later, go to Storage> Clear Cache and you will have freed up some memory.

Delete WhatsApp conversations

The chats and conversations that we have in WhatsApp or in any other instant messaging application they also take up considerable space on our phone. So if there’s someone you don’t talk to often, deleting chat can be an easy way to free up storage. And although WhatsApp is usually what fills our memory the most, deleting text messages and conversations in other apps can also help.

Save files to the cloud

The services of cloud storage They are ideal to help us free up space on our smartphone. If we do not have the documents in the internal memory of the phone but on the network, it seems obvious that we will have more space to store other things.

Delete apps you don’t use

We all have apps that we installed thinking that we were going to use a lot and in the end not. So in the end the most effective way to gain free space is to uninstall them again. Doing a review of your smartphone from time to time and eliminating the apps that you do not usually use is always recommended.

Have you ever run out of storage on your smartphone? What have you done to try to regain free space? In the comments section that you will find at the bottom of the page you can share your experiences with other users.