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5 tricks to win Free Fire games on Android que (which you don’t know at least)

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win Free Fire games on Android

Today we bring you 5 tricks for Free Fire, the fashion game on mobile platforms. Free fire It has become one of the best Battle Royale games available for Android. It is an action game, in which up to 50 players participate on a huge island, with weapons and vehicles. The games last approximately 10 minutes and offer an experience inspired by PUGB Y Fortnite.

This game It has more than 100 million downloads on Google Play, being one of the most famous mobile games. Their games are more dynamic, since they last less time, and this is something that makes it stand out against other games, of the same genre. It is much faster and frenetic.

If you are one of those who still do not know this game or those who have hated to talk about it but have not launched. If you are curious and you are going to try it, you should know before requirements to play Free Fire that you must have on your mobile phone.

A lot of techniques are required, to win the games. It is not an easy task, to remain as the winner in Free fire. If you have started to play Free Fire or plan to do so. The first thing is to become one of the best names for Free Fire with symbols and signs. And then, you can’t miss the next 5 tricks to win games in FreeFire.

These tips are going to help you, whether you play on your mobile, or if you play Free Fire for PC.

5 tricks to win Free Fire games on Android

Be the first in Free Fire, link the plane to the island

Launching the first of the plane will give you the advantage of falling first on the map, and get the best weapons and the most resources. To get you off the plane first, we must wait for the minute dial 3:35.

Already when the clock reaches this time, you can launch the plane with advantage. Remember that the parachute opens only before landing, do not waste time opening it.

Ninja Mode in Free Fire

This trick is based on our steps not being heard by the other players. It consists of bending down and then running away. So you can break into the rooms of your enemies and kill them quickly. Since, with this trick they will not listen to you inside the houses.

Headshots, head shots in Free Fire

This is another of the Free Fire tricks and you can get more direct shots to the head of your enemies, in most cases. To do this, you must start shooting without interruption, but you must continually move your sights upwards.

head shots in Free Fire

This increases the likelihood of ending up with your enemies, of a head shot.

Be invisible in FreeFire

It basically consists of a game bug, which allows you to hide inside a gas station, until time passes. What you must do is start running without stopping. After a few seconds deactivate the internet connection, but without stopping running.

When you pass a few meters, you reactivate the internet connection and you will automatically appear at the gas station, where nobody can see you. A little bit of a trick, but you can try it and see what other strategies to take to progress better.

Heal in a vehicle

Most players are unaware of this basic trick, which consists in healing themselves in the vehicles distributed in the Free Fire game. It is very simple to perform, since what you should do is go to a vehicle. Once you are inside, you must press the cure button and open the inventory. As simple as you see it.

Free Fire tricks

Now you can take advantage of the games with the tricks mentioned above. You will be more likely to reach the last moment of the battle and defeat all your opponents. But always remember, that practice makes perfect.

So it is not only enough to know all the Free Fire tricks and techniques, but to put them into practice and gain experience. Give cane to all your friends in Free Fire !! Leave a comment below.