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5 things you can do in Android Auto

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5 tricks for android auto

Android Auto It is an application that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store designed for Android 5.0 devices or higher versions. The application manages to reduce distractions when driving and also offers you a better experience with a series of tools.

Try to improve the driving experience with Android Auto, which will let you access and control functions through verbal commands. All this so you don’t have to take your hands off the wheel and maintain safety when driving.

Some of the things you can do thanks to the application are the ones that we discuss below.

5 things you can do in Android Auto

Know your location and the route to reach your destination

To know your location in real time, you can use voice guided navigation.

In addition, look for the way to go to your destination you can also access other information of interest such as traffic status and shorter routes.

Android Auto helps you reach the destination

Listen to your music when you prefer

It makes it possible for you to listen to the music you like, just by selecting your preferred App (Google Play Music or Spotify) on the car screen.

Listen to music from Android Auto

Call and send messages without having to touch your mobile

It allows you to handle the call and message service, using your voice you can make calls or send text messages.

To further minimize distractions you can block the entry of messages before driving, deactivating the option of “always see the messages”In the App configuration.

It serves not to see messages from individual chats or group chats and thus do not appear on the screen. It is important not to look at the screen while driving, because we already know the consequences that can bring, a traffic accident.

Know the price of fuel and where to find the cheapest one with Android Auto

You can check the price of fuel at the nearest gas stations. Evaluate the prices of gasoline and gas through Waze. An App compatible with Android Auto that not only allows you to know the services near your location giving you the opportunity to compare them.

Android car tells you where you can put fuel

It also offers you the possibility to know the traffic status in real time. You have to select the station and choose the type of fuel to receive the price in real time.

Turn off your WiFi if you are not using it

You can save battery if you turn off your device’s WiFi. For that you have to put the option of “Limit WiFi ”in the App menu and will automatically turn off.

You have several tricks that will help you get the most out of your Android Auto. And besides, they are tricks that a handful of users know today.

If you do not have Android Auto on your Android mobile, here is the official application from Google Play:

And also an explanatory video of the app and its possibilities:

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