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+20 Daily use Android tips you should know

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Android Gmail YouTube Chrome +20 Daily use tips you should know

The applications of Google They are probably the most used worldwide. Between Android, searches, Gmail, YouTube, etc. We have a lot of very useful apps.

And knowing tricks for Android, Gmail, YouTube, Chrome and more, can make us more efficient day by day. In this post we are going to show you some tips and tricks that can be very practical for the use of these apps.

Tips and tricks for Android

Take screenshots with Google Assistant

To make screenshots, usually the combination of buttons or the direct button is used. But you also have another way of doing it.

If you are a user of Google Assistant, the voice assistant of the operating system, you will simply have to tell him to take the screenshot. It will, therefore, be the fastest way. You won’t even have to touch the phone to make that capture.

Android Gmail YouTube Chrome +20 Daily use tips you should know

Mark contacts as favorites

Do you have any contacts that are especially important to you? You can mark them as favorites by selecting the star that appears next to their name.

In this way, in case you have activated the Do not disturb mode, calls from those numbers will continue to ring. Therefore, you can have this number activated quietly. The calls of important people, will continue to arrive even in not disturbing.

Find your lost Android mobile phone

Have you lost your Android phone? Google offers you the way to find it. Simply enter this web to Find my device and enter your account information.

Android Gmail YouTube Chrome +20 Daily use tips you should know

The system will tell you where your phone is located, so you can find it. Also block it, until you get it back.

You can also use the official Google “find my device” app:

Tricks for the Google search engine

The first trick is to look for a song. Under the general information of the artist, album, etc., we will find versions of that song.

The second advice related to the search is the ability to quickly find the hours of sunset. If we look for “sunset”, the sunset time will come directly to us. Yes, you are thinking well, if you put «dawn» directly shows you the sunrise time.

The final search trick is that you can search “watch” followed by the name of a movie or TV show. This will show you a list of all the websites or TVs that broadcast this particular content.

Tips and tricks for Google Chrome

Jump between tabs

Sometimes we have so many open browser tabs, it is uncomfortable to move from one to another. But Chrome offers you a very easy way to do it. You just have to press the Ctrl key and the tab number you want to go to.

Android Gmail YouTube Chrome tricks

So you can navigate between them more easily. Of course, it is a trick designed for desktop, not for the Android mobile version.

View the history of other devices

You may be using the PC and need to check that website you saw before on your mobile. Well, the option to see the history of other devices is just what you need. You will simply have to:

  1. Go to Record
  2. > Full history
  3. > History from other devices.
  4. There you can find the websites you have visited from any other mobile, tablet or PC.

Use emojis

Using emoticons in any text box you find on a website is possible. You will simply have to press the right mouse button. There you will see how in the menu that appears one of the options you find is Emoji.

Android Gmail YouTube Chrome tricks

When you click on it, you can see how the emoticon menu opens, similar to what you can find on your Android mobile. Later, it will be as easy as selecting the one you need at that time, so you can easily use it.

Google Drive

We can add a star to the most important Google Drive documents (three-dot menu> add star). In this way, they will appear in the “Highlights” folder of the main menu, which will allow you quick access to these items.

Google Drive also allows you to name different versions of the same document. This can be done:

  1. Opening the file in Documents, Sheets or Slides.
  2. Then we go to Archive.
  3. > Version history
  4. > Name of the current version.
  5. From here, you can go to File> Version History> View version history to see the different versions (with the new names).

The last tip of Google Drive is to look for a phrase that you know is inside a PDF or an image. Google can identify the text they contain, so if you don’t know the real name of an image, but you know the text that appears in it, it may be useful.

Tips and tricks for Gmail

Undo a shipment

We have all ever sent an email by mistake. But for some time Gmail gives you the option to fix it, if you realize quickly. Once you have sent an email, you will find a message that says Undo. That undo the delivery in Gmail of the mail.

Gmail tricks

When pressed, the shipment will be canceled. Of course, keep in mind that you will have to do it during the first 30 seconds.

Mute message threads

There is an option to prevent a long thread of messages from constantly bothering you. You will simply have to enter the three-point menu that appears next to a message, and select the option Silence.

If you need to read those messages, you can continue to find them in your inbox. Simply, you will no longer receive new message notifications.

Create a task list

You can create a to-do list through your emails. To do this, in the menu on the right, you will have to select the Tasks option.

Gmail tricks

Then you simply have to drag all the messages and emails related to these tasks. Thus, you can have the information related to your tasks in a much more organized way.

Cheats for Google Play

If we are watching a movie in Google Play Movies, we can pause. Then, touch the circle around the face of an actor or star of that movie, to get more information about it.

Are you reading a comic or a manga from the Play Store? We can touch a speech bubble and use the volume keys as zoom. Thus we approach the dialogue to facilitate reading.

Another trick for Google Play is to create a wish list of apps, games or music that we want to buy or install from the Play Store. We simply visit the item in question and then click on the icon with the plus sign or the three-point menu> Add to wish list.

Tips and tricks for YouTube

Search for a specific percentage of a video

YouTube allows you to directly access 10%, half the video or the point you want. To do this, you simply have to press the number corresponding to the percentage you want to go to.

youtube tips tricks

That is to say, if you press number 1 it will take you to 10%, if you wear 2 it will take you to 20% and so on. In this way, finding a specific point will be easier than ever.

Adjust playback speed

While you are watching a video on YouTube, you can choose the speed at which you want it to play. To do this you will have to go to the Settings menu of the video being played.

Once inside, you will find a section called Speed. The normal speed appears by default, but if you wish you can make it play faster or slower.

YouTube Dark Theme

If you use YouTube from its Android application, you can choose a darker theme that is more comfortable at night. For it:

  1. You must click on your profile picture.
  2. Subsequently, enter Settings
  3. > General. There you will find a section called Dark Theme that is disabled by default.
  4. When activated you can have the most comfortable app for your eyesight.

Have you used any of these tricks and tips to use Android, Gmail, YouTube, Chrome? Do you think they are especially practical? We invite you to go through our comments section and tell us your experience using them.

If you know any other tricks you want to share with us, share it. So we will make a super complete article.