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0 or Error Code 0 on Android ?

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Error Code 0 on Android

Do you need to fix the Error code: 0 or Error Code 0 on Android? Few things scare us more than finding an error code on our Android mobile. But the reality is that many times those mistakes are not too difficult to solve.

Error code 0 is a bug that will prevent you from downloading some Android applications. And although it may seem quite annoying, in principle it is usually quite easy to solve.

Let’s see what solution you have.

Steps to fix Error Code 0 on Android

Fix Error Code: 0 when clearing Google Play cache

Many times, the problems when installing applications come from an error in the Play Store itself. So, if Error 0 has appeared, one of the simplest solutions would be to put the app store back as the first day.

Solution Error Code 0

To do this, we will have to clear the cache and the data, following the steps indicated below:

  1. Go to Settings and then enter “Application Manager«.
  2. Click on “All«Or»All“, It depends on the Android versionthat you have on your mobile.
  3. Choose Google Play Store, click on “Clear cache» Y «Delete data«.
  4. Now go back and look for «Google Play services“, And perform the same steps again.
  5. Now go back and look for «Google services framework«, give to «Force Detention“, And clear cache and data again.
  6. Restart your smartphone.

Fix Error Code 0 Android

Modify application permissions

Many times, when we install applications, we do not accept any of the permissions that are requested because we think they are irrelevant. And although that is usually a responsible option, it can sometimes give us problems.

Therefore, if you see the Error Code: 0 when you try to install applications, a possible solution may be to follow the steps indicated:

  1. Go into Settings > Applications > All.
  2. Click on Google Play
  3. Choose «Application Permissions«.
  4. Activate all requested permissions.

With this we will have given all the permissions to the Play Store, so that in principle it should stop giving us problems.

error code: 0 Android

And if the Error Code: 0 or Error Code 0 is not fixed on your Android?

In the event that none of the two modes explained have managed to solve your problem, you are probably facing a bug or a slightly more complicated problem. And for this, it is best to contact Google technical support.

Google has a tool to capture a bug report that you can send to system engineers, and they will contact you to find a solution.

Of course, always keep in mind that send a bug report It only serves to report the problem, but not to solve it. You will have to wait for an answer from the system managers to find a solution.

Another option and is the most drastic is format your Android mobile phone. With this you return it to how it was when you took it out of the box for the first time. All data is lost, so it is essential to make a backup.

If you have had problems with the error code 0 or Error Code: 0 and want to tell us how you solved it, you have at your disposal the comments section that you can find a little below. There you can share your experience with other users.