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▷ How to verify and check the IMEI on a mobile or cell phone? ?

verify IMEI on a mobile phone

Do you need to check the IMEI of your phone or cell phone? He IMEI number It is a number that identifies each mobile phone unit. It is a unique number that helps you know that you are talking about your phone and not another. We could say, therefore, that it is something like a DNI for the telephone, which simply serves to identify it.

But you may have no idea how to know yours. To do this, we will explain four different methods with which you can find out.

Methods to check the IMEI of my mobile or cell phone

Consult the IMEI via code on the mobile

Probably the easiest way to check the IMEI It is by means of a code. To do this, you simply have to dial * # 06 # on the dial of your smartphone. Next, you will see how a number appears on your screen, with which to verify IMEI, the identifying number of your smartphone.

If you need the IMEI number for anything, you will simply have to write it down anywhere. But in case you lose it, it will be as simple as going back to dial the code, with which you can take out the IMEI and access the identification whenever you want.

check IMEI by code

You may be interested in Android:

Verify the IMEI from the Phone Settings menu

In the Settings menu of our Android mobile, we can also find your identification number and verify the IMEI. To do this, we simply have to go, within that menu, the section About the phone. This section is usually found in the lower part of the Settings.

Once we are there, we will find a section that says IMEI. In it we will find the number with which we can identify our phone if necessary.

IMEI under mobile battery

Remove the IMEI from under the cell phone battery

Today, the vast majority of Android phones have an integrated battery. But if yours still has the removable ones, you can take out the IMEI and also find the identification number easily. To do this, you simply have to remove the battery and pay attention to what you find below, as in the image above.

On the sticker that you will find on the phone’s chassis, you will see a barcode under which the IMEI number is printed.

take out IMEI mobile phone case sticker

Check the IMEI on the sticker on the smartphone case

If you still have the box in which your mobile phone came, it may be the easiest way to check the IMEI. And that number is printed on the box. It is usually close to a barcode, on a sticker that also shows the technical name of the model.

But if you have already thrown the box you should not worry, because as you have seen, there are many other forms to verify the IMEI of a mobile.

Have you ever needed to check the IMEI, on your mobile or cell phone? How did you get it? You can share your experience in the comments section and tell us if any of the above methods have served you.