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▷ How to download videos from Twitter, for mobile and PC ⏬

How to download videos from Twitter for mobile and PC

Surely you’ve ever been interested in downloading videos from Twitter. And you can’t find the menu or action for it, from the Android app or from the web itself. Although it is true that we do not have the enthusiasm we had before for this social network. The reality is that Twitter is still one of the most popular social networks worldwide.

And it is possible that we find in the web of the bird, videos that can be interesting. If you want to download Twitter videos from any of their tweets, we show you how to do it. We will see it for version from the mobile or from the PC – computer.

How to download videos from Twitter, mobile and computer version

We saw at the time, how download videos from Youtube with Tubemate 3. The Android application in APK format. On this occasion we are not talking about an Android app, but about a website, which we will access with our Internet navigator.

Download Twitter Video, website to download videos from Twitter

Download Twitter Video is a website from which you can download the videos you want from the social network Twitter. You can access this website from your smartphone or from your PC. You do not need to download anything, you just have to have the URL of the video you want to download. To start using it, you will simply have to enter this link for PC. From that link, we can download videos from twitter to the computer.

How to download videos from Twitter

This other link is for the mobile version.

How to download videos. Twitter does not do it natively

Once you enter the web of the previous link, you will see a text box. In that box you will have to paste the Url address of the video you want to download. You have two options when downloading. You can choose if you want to download the video as such or if you prefer only the audio in mp3 format. This last option is ideal for downloading songs.

Once the video address is pasted, you will simply have to press, between the three buttons at the bottom of the web. In this case, the one that corresponds to the format you want.

download videos twitter

The next step will be as simple as waiting a few seconds. Wait for the video to be converted to the desired format. Once the conversion is finished, the download. The time it takes will depend on several factors. Like the length of the video or the speed of your Internet connection. But since Twitter videos aren’t usually too long, it doesn’t take long.

How to download videos from Twitter

How to get the URL, to download Twitter videos

As we have commented previously, in order to download a video we need your URL. In the case of being accessing Twitter from a computer. To get this address you will simply have to press the right button and then choose the Copy to clipboard option.

In case you are accessing from an Android mobile, you will have to press the share button of the tweet Then all the apps in which we can share it will appear. We will select the Copy to clipboard option. Later, we will go to the website to download the videos and choose the Paste option. This will appear leaving your finger pressed on the text box for a few seconds.

This way, you shouldn’t have problems downloading videos from Twitter.

You already know how to download videos from Twitter, both on Android phones and on computers. We invite you to tell us your experience in the comments section. Also if you know any other mobile formula, in the form of an Android application.20