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▷ How to clean Whatsapp 2019 ✅ free chat space, videos, photos, text, GIFs, Stickers, Audio messages, documents and locations

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clean WhatsApp without losing conversations

Free space on your mobile, is something that sometimes, you had to do. If you use WhatsApp Every day, like us, you will surely be filled with your mobile phone immediately after photos, files, videos and so on. And, unless you have a lot of storage, this ends up causing problems, even collapsing the Android mobile phone.

However, there is a trick with which you can easily solve this. It is an option to delete files of only one type, so you delete only what you need. We show you below how to clean WhatsApp without losing conversations.

Trick to free storage and clean WhatsApp without losing conversations

Delete videos, GIFs, photos, audios, without losing conversations

Many times, when they send us things through the messaging tool, we end up storing a lot of files that we don’t need. And sometimes we don’t even remember that they are there, so it is not so easy to know what we can eliminate when we need space.

This trick allows us to delete all files of a specific type that have been sent to us. That is, we can erase all videos, all GIFs or all voice memos at a stroke. So, free up space Our device becomes much more comfortable, while simple and all without losing conversations.

Steps to clean WhatsApp from unnecessary files

Cleaning WhatsApp is a fairly simple process. You will simply have to follow the steps indicated in the previous video and detailed below to win storage on your Android.

  1. Enter the Settings menu within the WhatsApp application.
  2. Go to Data and Storage> Storage usage.
  3. Choose the contact you want to delete the data from.
  4. Select the type of files you want to delete.
  5. Click on the option Empty all chats.

free space Whatsapp chats groups

Advantages of cleaning Whatsapp from squirting contents

In principle, the idea of ​​using this method is to free storage of your Android phone. So you will have more free space that you can use for other things.

But it also has another advantage that can be very interesting. And, by freeing up space, WhatsApp will «weigh» less. Therefore, it will also consume less RAM. And this will cause the phone to work a little better, something to be grateful for if it has limited features.

clean Whatsapp chats groups

Small details to keep in mind

Before carrying out this process, it is important that you keep in mind that you will not be able to see which files you delete and which ones you do not. Therefore, it is recommended that you review the files sent by that chat beforehand, to make sure that you do not delete anything you need. You must also be sure to uncheck the type of files you do not want to delete, since by default, they all appear marked.

If you have used this method to clean WhatsApp and want to share your experience with us, you can do so in the comments section below.