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▷ Airplane mode on Android what is it and when to enable / disable?

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Airplane mode on Android

Do you know what airplane mode entails in Android? When the use of mobile phones began to generalize, there was a belief that the frequency of mobile phones could interfere with the flight of airplanes. So that we could continue using the mobile, although without signal, it was created in all of them in Airplane mode, which eliminates all possible connections.

But many people still do not know what advantages this mode can have, or even how to activate or deactivate it. We tell you everything in this post.

Everything you need to know about airplane mode on Android

What is it for?

What airplane mode does is disable all wireless networks of the telephone. Therefore, you will not be able to make calls, surf the Internet, or use the GPS, or the NFC.

The only thing you can use your mobile is to work locally. Thus, you can read a book, view photos or videos that you have stored on the device or play games that do not require to be connected. What you will not be able to do is anything for which you need some type of connection.

Of course, there are connections that you can join after activating the airplane mode. For example, if there is WiFi on your flight, you can connect to it without problems, and you can also connect headphones with Bluetooth. To get an idea, we could say that when activating the airplane mode the operation of our smartphone will be similar to that of a tablet that does not have the possibility of introducing a SIM.

How to activate airplane mode on Android

There are several ways to put this mode into operation. One of them is to press the power button. In addition to the options to turn off and restart, a button with an icon of an airplane that has this task also appears.

Another option to activate this option is through the settings menu. If we go to it, we can see that the first option we find is the one that activates or deactivates the Airplane Mode. The only thing we will have to do to be able to connect or disconnect it is to click on the corresponding button. In the event that we want to undo the action, we will simply have to redo the process.

Finally, in the Notification bar We can also find an icon with an airplane that will not be used to activate and deactivate this mode whenever we wish.

Not only to ride a plane

Although it seems clear that the main function of the airplane mode is just riding a plane, the truth is that it is not so. It can also be a very useful function if, for example, we are studying or working and do not want anyone to bother us. In that case, by having the connections deactivated, nobody will have access to us. In addition, it can also be practical as battery saver. And, although there are no studies that certify it, there are also theories that state that disconnecting the mobile phone helps you sleep better.

What do you use airplane mode for Android for? We invite you to tell us in the comments section, which you can find below.